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Barton users... Need help with tiles

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My son has finished using Barton and I am trying to sell it. However, I can't figure out for sure which tiles go to which level and I don't want to guess! Does anyone have a list for levels 4, 5, and 6? I can't seem to find one on her site or the Internet. Thanks so much.

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I'm away for a few more days, otherwise, I would check my books for you.  If it doesn't say at the beginning of the books, each lesson tells you what new ones you need for each lesson. I know this would take longer, but it is one way...!  Or check the Barton site, maybe that tells you when purchasing, which tiles are included?

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Did you ever get an answer to your question?

We are on level 5, so I can answer that one, but not the others.

Level 5: 

Green suffix tiles ( er, est, ist, y, en, ish, able, ity, s, es, ful, ly, less, ness, ment, ed, ing)

Red suffix tiles (tion, sion)

Orange prefix tiles (dis, in, un, non, mis, sub, re, pre, inter, mid, over, up)

Sorry, can't help with the other ones.  

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