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How to use up a bunch of lemons


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Zest and juice them.  Freeze the zest in a baggie and pinch off bits as needed.  Freeze the juice in an ice tray, then store the juice cubes in a zip lock bag or other freezer container.

Make a bunch of lemon pound cakes and freeze them or give them away. 

Or give the lemons away.  I would take a bunch off your hands!  I  use at least 1/2 a lemon every day, often more, except when they are way too expensive.


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I use lots of lemons in tabbouli and hummus. 


1/4 cup bulgur, soaked in the juice of three or four lemons 

2 tomatoes, finely chopped

One bunch green onions, finely chopped

One bunch parley, finely sliced

One big bunch of mint leaves, minced

A nice blop of olive oil

Salt to taste

After the bulgur has rehydrated, combine everything and let it sit for at least an hour to let the flavors blend.  Add more lemon juice if needed - this a is green and lemony dish.



1/2 cup or so of lemon juice 
1 tsp salt, or to taste
6 cloves garlic, or to taste
3 cups cooked garbanzo beans
1/2 cup tahina

1-2 tablespoons olive oil and some spices to serve

Combine everything in a blender or food processor, adding more lemon juice if it needs to be thinned down to blend. Adjust for salt lemon - it should be noticeably lemony.  Let it sit for a bit, then spread it on a plate and drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with zaatar, sumac, paprika, and/or cayenne pepper.

We like to squeeze lemons onto German pancakes, French toast, or crepes and sprinkle them with powdered sugar.



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49 minutes ago, Pippen said:

Zest of 2 lemons is used Jamie Oliver's Chicken and Milk. (We love this recipe.)


I haven't tried Marcella Hazan's recipe which uses 2 lemons, but I hear it's good. 



This looks like an interesting recipe if like to try, but how do you brown the whole chicken? Keep the oil hot and keep turning the chicken?

OP, you could send me your leftover lemons! We usually make lemon cheesecake or lemon bars and I usually put lemon in my daily tea.

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