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Spanish Video Games

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So, long time ago there was this little civilization style game set in early medieval time, and you could send your citizens to do different things like chop wood or collect berries and they would say something in gaelic when they did it. (I still remember chopper, for chopping wood, and bonage, but I can't remember what that was for now cause it's been decades). I was wondering if there was any games like that with little repetitive Spanish words or phrases, but that you wouldn't need to really know any Spanish to play and enjoy...something that my kids could play on our regular computer, 3DS or the switch or ipad/iphone.  I've got a 10 year old to a teen, so I'm not looking for a "teaching Spanish app" where you click on things and they say the name, but a game where the gameplay is fun even if you couldn't care less about learning Spanish. In fact, it doesn't necessarily even a game primarily intended to teach Spanish (like, it could be a game aimed at Spanish speakers as long as you can figure it out without Spanish). And I'm specifically looking for audio Spanish, not written Spanish (though a little written is ok too). Thanks in advance!


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I think you should search for games in with you can download Spanish as an additional language, or look at their market, move your app store account to Spain or Steam, and take some games from there, because as I know Spanish is a very popular language so there should be a lot of games. I remember I made my Spanish greater when I had to buy rocket league items from a Spanish site because there they were cheaper and then trade the skins in exchange for more expensive ones.

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I'd start by checking language options on games you already own. An increasing number of them allow multiple languages. even as audio.


Otherwise, platformers, sports and strategy games tend to have a lot of games where it's possible to see what needs to be done even if the audio is not 100% understood. The ability to set audio and subtitles/text instructions separately is much less common, unfortunately.

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