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AO Year 8 and Sonlight Core 100

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Next year, for 9th grade, one child will be primarily using Sonlight Core 100, and the other child will be continuing his journey with AO in Year 8.  To all the ladies who talked me down from my panic about this yesterday - thank you!!  Now help me combine the two!  🙂  Has anyone combined these specific years?  Anything you liked/didn't like, wish you had done differently?  Anything that works better with both than what is presented?  I do like the Hewitt Am. Lit. readers, so I would consider adding those in with both kids; and, we started using Progeny Press Literature Guides this year if a book needed some fleshing out for the reader, which is something I will (most likely) continue. 

I'm going to work on this on my own over the next few days (weeks?!), but any input is greatly appreciated.  

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Since AO year 8 covers reformation and renaissance it doesn't even reach the time period where Sonlight Core 100 begins, so I'm not seeing how you could combine the two.  You could run them at the same time, but I wouldn't combine.  If you want to keep them in the same time period, you could come up with your own plans for a lighter version of year 8 topics for your dd.  Keep the Bible/theology reads.  Choose an easier world history spine that she would stick with through the rest of the AO years (maybe combine Notgrass World History with Island Story?).  Choose some easier biographies, literature, etc (look at Sonlight for any readers or biographies that fit the period - I'm not familiar with Sonlight's highschool offerings.  Heart of Dakota is another one you could peruse for ideas).  Decide how much of the "extras" you are going to use AO for (citizenship, geography, economics,) vs. some other resource and choose accordingly.  Same with science - AO selections? or more traditional highschool texts?  

Just a thought.  

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