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What to do in Memphis?

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One day..so..maybe one place or two to eat..will have kids along but would like decent food, no seafood. Also, I see a variety of museums that look interesting. Since our time will be limited, would love to know what we might like the best. We are not Elvis fans (don't dislike him or anything, just kids don't know who he is and husband and I don't really care) but 17 yr old son likes music a lot. I was looking up Graceland but then saw a lot of music museums. I would love to hear some recommendations! Thanks!

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If someone is interested in travel information, almost always I suggest they begin on TripAdvisor.com especially if they are looking for information about Hotels or Points of Interest. For airline flights, I start out on Google Flights. Here's a link for you to start on:  https://www.tripadvisor.com/Tourism-g55197-Memphis_Tennessee-Vacations.html

You can see the Mississippi River in the photo on the above URL.  They have some pretty suburbs. I think Germantown is one of them, but that would bore your DC far more than going to visit Elvis.   

I wonder if FedEx has tours of their facility open to the public? They are THE EXPERTS in Logistics.

Have a safe trip and enjoy.

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Memphis resident here:


the Rock and Soul museum off Beale Street is great (it’s part of the Smithsonian) and is near the Civil Rights museum, Sun Studios, the Peabody, and all the other downtown stuff.  There are many food options downstairs, from the Arcade (which was one of Elvis’s favorite places, and is pretty much unchanged since the 1950’s), the Rendevous (Barbecue-not my favorite, but downtown, and a lot of people love it), and lots of other options.  


The zoo is in Overton park and is amazing, and Overton Park is nice. The Brooks art museum is there as well. The Overton Square area has a lot of nice food options, too. 


Unless someone is an Elvis fan, I’d skip Graceland, personally. 


There are other interesting things, too-but for two days, you’ll have more to do than you know what to do with, 

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We occasionally stop in Memphis on our travels. We had a family member who lived there who introduced us to Memphis Pizza Cafe - Love, love, love their pizza! I'd go to the Overton Square location - there are some interesting shops there. 


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Civil Rights Museum/Lorraine Hotel

And before or after, eat at Central BBQ or Gus's Fried Chicken (spicy and fantastic) or The Arcade (fried ham sandwich, banana pudding!!). All three of those are fun and good. Downtown Memphis is really neat! 

The zoo is awesome. 

Memphis is known for BBQ (typically "dry rub"), so you should definitely try some while you are here. The Rendezvous is historically famous and a LOT of fun but isn't quite as tasty as it used to be...if you do go, get a sausage/cheese plate. We LOVE Central BBQ; my sons crave their nachos. There is also Elwood's Shack and Corky's. And lots of other good ones, too! There's a newish BBQ called "One and Only" and we recently went for my middle son's birthday. They have the most amazing sides (deviled eggs!) and huge portions. We brought a lot of food home! 🙂

And I agree, Memphis Pizza Cafe is great as is Huey's for hamburgers.


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Breakfast at Brother Junipers 

See Ducks March  at Peabody 

Beale Street - jazz

bbq if you eat it

Mississipppi River

Agree to Lorraine motel/ Civil Rights Museum 

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