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Liz CA

Various intermittent problems

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For about 2-3 weeks, I have been having intermittent problems with opening threads, previewing threads and even posting. 

For example: Tried to post here and it came up with doing a poll. Had to go back and try again. Some days, a thread will just load and load and time out, same with posting or replying to a thread.
I seem to be able to navigate fine, open threads and preview when I am not logged in - but of course I cannot post.

ETA: Also, when someone quotes me or reacts to my post, I used to be able to click on it and go straight there. Now, it just pops me to the top post of the thread and I have to scroll and find the quote.

This happens on my laptop and phone.

Any thoughts?

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Hi Liz, 

We just performed an upgrade to the site that I'm hoping corrected the issues you were experiencing. Can you let me know if and when you're still experiencing them?

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