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Just when you think you have a plan...

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Dd has been vacillating between going to a university or a music school once she graduates high school next year. She wants to be a musician but not sure she wants to study music. We've toured a number of schools and talked to program directors of those she was interested in, but she just hadn't yet felt like she found the perfect fit. 

We recently spent a couple weeks in Ireland and a few days of that time she was recording on an amazing project (which will release in the US next winter) with people who challenged her musically and intellectually. She was so in her element and blossomed in that environment. They listened to what she had to say, accepted her suggestions, and allowed her freedom to put herself and her ideas into the pieces she recorded which I found incredible. These people have more years experience in the music business than I have been alive and yet they were willing to allow input from a 16 yo and she had the nerve to give it. 

Throughout the rest of the trip, she and I discussed her options almost daily. She decided she wanted to continue with DE courses next year, getting half of college out of the way (AA degree), finish a BA at a university here in our state so all her credits would transfer, then go to Ireland for the Irish music master's program at University of Limerick. She even contacted the composer we stayed with and asked if he would show her his job scoring for movies because she has an interest in being able to do that as well as perform.

I felt like she had finally come up with a plan or at least an outline of one. 

Then a couple days ago, she received a call from a very prestigious Irish dance show. She is in talks with them about touring with the company beginning this summer in Ireland and, if all goes well, possibly again next year for five months on a tour in the US. (There was some concern as they didn't realize her age until she mentioned it so they needed to check on laws and what paperwork they might need to do but she received confirmation today that everything is a go.) This changes the game for her immensely. Taking a full course load of college classes (she would need to take almost 15 credits per semester next year to earn her AA degree) while doing the tour would put a lot of unnecessary stress on her because she isn't required to have an AA degree upon graduating high school. Performing and making music is what she wants to do for her career and the tour is much more beneficial for her future career (there's an opening for a fiddler now but people tend to keep the job fairly long term so no knowing when another opening would come up if she were to turn down this one and the US tour is a 25th Anniversary tour so will be kind of special).

It just seems with this kid, every time I feel like either of us has a plan (when she was young it was me planning and now it's mostly her with some input from me), something else comes along and upends things completely. When she was little it was jumps in abilities or knowledge that had me constantly second guessing and switching curriculum. Now that she's older, it's opportunities. I am very excited for her but, as a type A planner, it keeps me on my toes.


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That's so awesome! I know it makes planning hard, but having to choose between 2 great possibilities is a fantastic problem to have.

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