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I’d love some reviews on the Art of Poetry by Christine Perrin that CAP publishes. I would likely get the DVD set also since poetry isn’t my strong suit. But overall thoughts on this program?  

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Hi! I used it for poetry units within my sons' literature credits for a couple of years of high school (9th-10th). I thought it was excellent!

To explain a little better...I divided each year of literature into quarters, and during each quarter my sons read 2 novels, some short stories, articles, etc. Also during each quarter they spent a full week concentrating on poetry (so...4 weeks a year). During that week they would work through one chapter of Art of Poetry. Using the text this way did not allow us to do the whole book. Both of them completed Chapters 1-8, and my older son also did a few chapters in the History section during his senior year. 

I especially appreciated how the author concentrated on one aspect of poetry in each chapter, and she picked the most wonderful selections to go with the focus. Some of the poems are well known, but others are less familiar but so worthwhile. I can still remember the poem about the bird knocking snow down on the poet and changing his mood for the day, and it has been many years since we did Art of Poetry! The questions and activities section is fantastic, too. Overall, I highly recommend this text. In fact, I have saved the book to use with my daughter when she is a bit older...and I haven't saved much from my sons' homeschooling years, so that should tell you something. 😉

Having said that, my boys would have wilted and withered if we had tried to do the whole book in one year. It fits in very well with an overall literature credit. But your student may be different from mine! If you have a student who loves poetry and words and creative expression, he or she might enjoy a full credit of poetry. 

Also, I only purchased the Teacher's Edition, and we shared it. For the edition that I used, the TE had the full student text in it, and then inserted sections of pages with suggested answers to the questions. If the DVDs are taught by a master teacher who exudes a love of poetry, then they may be worth it, but I found the TE was sufficient for our needs. Again, we only focused on poetry 4 weeks out of each year of literature.

Hope that helps!

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