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BJU DL DVDs with Books... printed Teacher's Manual necessary?

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Those of you have gone the DVD route, did you find it beneficial to have a printed TM handy even though access to a digital copy is available online? I'm told that they'll discount the printed TM by 50% if I want to purchase it. What do you recommend? 

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We do BJU with DVD's and it comes with a printed packet with all the paperwork you need including quizzes, answer keys, AND only those pages of the teacher's manual that have assignments (such as chapter section & chapter review questions) and those answers.  The packet doesn't come with the whole teacher's manual, just the pages you need as the facilitator.   I never even use these pages because the text is too small for me to see.  It's easier for me to download the teacher manual onto my computer and use it that way.  I can zoom in and make it easier on my eyes!  So for me personally, I prefer the online text and wouldn't purchase the teacher manual.

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