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Homeschooling four kids, oldest is entering 9th grade, pretty advanced kiddo.  I am looking at what biology class to take and I am not quite sure where to go.  I am hoping to find something that is Biology Honors or PreAP.  My husband suggests that we start to outsource the science so that it can free up time for me to work with our younger kids.  

Here are some places I have looked, though not indepth -- Thinkwell Honors Biology, Potterschool Honors Biology, MIT OCW Scholar Fundamentals of Bio, CTY Bio (EXPENSIVE!!)

Any thoughts?  Recommendations?  

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I've been down this path three times -- once I used an older edition of Campell's and Hippocampus (now is a UCScout course).  That went okay.  The second time, we still used that edition of Campell's, but paired with a MOOC.  The third time was actually the best one -- BJU.  (FWIW, Pony Girl -- who took course #2 -- also took AP Bio at a local school and used a slightly newer older edition of Campell's).  Should PokeMan decide to do AP Bio in 11th or 12th, I will be doing Campbell's with Clutch Prep and then Educator.com to prepare for the AP Exam.  The lectures over at Clutch Prep are great, they align their lectures to the text you are using, and also have worksheets to assist with note taking.  Campell's has a series of study guides, and AP has a bunch of practice tests/FRQ to use for practice.  The Educator.com site is a good review course that also works through an entire AP exam and explains the answers to key concepts.

My child who took BJU (with the DVDs) has a much better grasp of Biology than either of my kids after their first pass (after DD's second course she has essentially only a slightly better grasp of Bio than her brother that is 2 years younger). 

Anyhow, just my 2 cents.

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