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torchlight vs wayfarer vs BYL


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I will be using TL prek, and I know in the facebook group a bunch of people are using levels 1 and 2 for older kids so you can make it work. It does only go to level 2 so depends on what history you are looking at. TL uses modern books and works on a more socratic method. BYL uses more classic books. Both of those are secular, though TL uses Curiosity Chronicles instead of STOW to make it truly secular (though some who don't like CC are using STOW as a replacement). I don't know about Wayfarer. 

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BYL is wonderful. I can't describe why I like it so much. It's...comforting? The book choices are excellent. The levels are fluid, so you could likely use the same level with all three kids and just give the younger one some different books choices.

I also love BYL because you can easily adapt it to fit your teaching style. Just out of the box it's a full curriculum (other than math), but if you want to add more rigor you can easily add in more LA or whatever. I'd say the only con is that it's not technical in language arts for one of my kids. This is a kid that wants a lot of technical instruction in writing and spelling, but we would run into that problem with whatever we choose. 


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