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Humor: A geometric proof answer

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So, DD#2 is doing geometry right now and has never liked math much. She used to write me little stories after finishing her algebra homework. I checked her latest test tonight and found this on the last problem. She keeps me on my toes; she does.

[Diagram] If given angle 1 is congruent to angle 2 and angle 3 is congruent to angle 4, prove line n is parallel to line p.

So, while thinking about how to do this problem, I realized how pointless proofs are. They are pretty much starting you over at the beginning. They are making you ask why you are doing every little step and making you give a reason for it. It is not only very hard but also horrible. Like, when would you actually need this is everyday life? Let's imagine this scenario during breakfast.

Given: there is cereal and milk
Prove:  I should have cereal and milk for breakfast
Given there is cereal, from the Everyday Experiences Postulate, we know cereal and milk are both edible. From the Front of Cereal Container Postulate, we know milk is good with cereal. Therefore, I should have milk and cereal for breakfast because of the Ending Conclusion Postulate.
But, then you realize there was a chicken enchilada in the fridge the whole time that you could have had instead. Not given, but discoverable. Would you need to go through the whole process proving it to yourself again?
Using this in everyday life would only end in you second guessing yourself's every action. That's bad. Therefore, you should not use this in everyday life or at all for that matter. And, if we don't use it at all, what's the point of learning it? None.
What I'm really saying is, I have no idea what I'm doing and I'm going to have lunch now.

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@maize That's what DH said. But I also need to make sure she can show (tell me outloud) how to prove the lines are parallel. No hurry here on math stuff. We'll run through this and a couple more over the next few weeks.

 I love her sense of humor and her writing.

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I wasn't nearly as clever or witty as your DD, but it reminds me of when I was in ps and told my geometry teacher how stupid and pointless it was to prove something that he just told me was true and is obvious to everyone in the room was true. He said, "Momto5, you're being stupid." And I've hated math ever since 🙂

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It's like I tell my son -- you show the work on the easy problems, that you can work out in your head so you know how to do that type of problem on the harder problems, when you can't quite hold all the pieces in your head.


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