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S/O -- Just for Fun: What color is your Fiestaware?


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My Fiestaware is mostly Scarlet and Lemongrass.  I also have one piece of Shamrock.

I only have serving dishes, so I can mix and match and use only greens or only red or I can use both.  Red and green are my favorite colors, but I like that using the Scarlet and Lemongrass together doesn't feel Christmas-y. 

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All the colors. To me, personally, that's the whole point. I love that with the 5 of us, I can mix & match and create different feels for the seasons, etc. Or when we have everyone over, everyone gets a color. Plus if the new color each year is one I like, it's an automatic "no thinking necessary" gift DH can get me at Christmas. 

My favorites are the various blues, though. 

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My main stuff is white...mugs, dinner plates, deep bowls, and saucers. Like @peacelovehomeschooling I know I’ll like white for a long time. I was replacing brown dishes when I bought mine, so that was another reason I wanted bright white. However, the colors *are* really pretty so later I bought the buffet plates in mixed blues and greens. We use these at lunch and I like the pop of color in the middle of the day when it’s just the kids and me eating a smaller portion of food. 

@Junie I love lemongrass! I have one luncheon plate in that color and it’s one of my favorites. 

ETA: changed ‘luncheon’ to ‘buffet’ bc that’s what I have

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1 hour ago, AK_Mom4 said:

I have half Peacock and half Lapis - bowls, salad plates and dinner plates.  I also have a stack of Plum square plates that are perfect for a quick sandwich.  I have a ccouple of serving bowls of Peacock and Lapis each.

I love peacock too. I have one luncheon plate in that color. I think it’s discontinued now. ???

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21 minutes ago, Indigo Blue said:

Mine are this color.



My husband is rough on them and they have nickel scratches all over them. (I had to end up buying a set of cheap Corelle to have something that looked nice enough for company). The cereal bowls are the only dishes I've ever owned that you can cook grits and oats in the microwave and not have them run all over the edge and sides of the bowl as they cook. So we love them even though they are not as nice-looking as they once were. Dh scrapes his forks and spoons hard when he eats, so there is no point in buying anymore. I do have a set of mugs that are just really kind of sort of mine. They are hanging under my cabinet on hooks. They are in four bright colors. Lime, orange, red, and cobalt blue. I also have a bright yellow bowl with a handle on the side that is my very favorite. I use it for oatmeal every morning. It doesn't get scratched because dh doesn't use that one. He uses all the ivory ones, and I keep the others unscratched.

I love Fiestaware.


I think you can use a little Barkeep’s Friend on them to buff out silverware marks. 

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More like, what colors DON'T we have, lol! My grandmother gifted me with her original 1930s dishes, and then starting around 2000, we've collected more fiesta ware. We have so many colors because in addition to adding 2 plates at a time of a color, we also did many single serving pieces (pitcher, large bowl, utensil holder, platters of various sizes, etc.) of different colors. I marked our colors in purple in the list below.

In case anyone is interested, here's the chart that I reproduced, and below I attached an image of all the colors. I don't think that color chart is very accurate, because some of the colors on there look much deeper/darker than they are in real life on my table, lol.

current colors (1986-present)
2019 - meadow
2018 - mulberry
2017 - daffodil
2015 - slate
2014 - poppy
2013 - lapis
2009 - lemongrass
2008 - ivory
2004 - scarlet
2002 - shamrock
2001 - sunflower
1988 - turquoise
1986 - white
1986 - cobalt

limited edition colors (1993-2008)
2008-2012 - marigold
2000-2001 - juniper
1997-1999 - chartreuse
1996-1997 - sapphire
1993-1995 - lilac

collectible colors, no longer produced (1936-2018)
2015-2018 - sage
2003-2017 - tangerine
2016-2017 - claret
2010-2016 - paprika
2001-2015 - plum
1986-2014 - black
2005-2014 - peacock
2012-2013 - flamingo
2008-2012 - chocolate
2000-2010 - cinnabar
2007-2010 - evergreen
2006-2009 - heather
1995-2008 - persimmon
1999-2001 - pearl gray
1991-2005 - sea mist green
1989-2006 - periwinkle blue
1986-2005 - rose
1987-2002 - yellow 
1986-1998 - apricot 
1969-1972 - turf green
1969-1972 - antique gold
1959-1969 - medium green
1951-1959 - gray
1951-1959 - chartreuse
1951-1959 - rose
1937-1969 - turquoise (looks like light blue)
1936-1951 - old ivory
1936-1969 - yellow
1936-1951 - green
1936-1951 - blue (cobalt)
1936-1943/1959-1972 - red (looks like orange)

Fiestaware colors.png

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I have a mixture of the blues/purple: cobalt, lapis, turquoise, dark purple (plum maybe?), periwinkle, peacock. I went with a mix so I could add/subtract pieces easily. I have service for 20 in plates so there is room for variety. We also have bistro bowls, pasta bowls, luncheon plates, fruit bowls and bistro cups. I have a few serving pieces as well. 

DD20 just got started collecting and went with box sets of yellow (marigold or sunflower, I can't remember). She only got 6 (just her and her dh) so she could decide what to add to it as she needed, and to decide future colors based on her kitchen.

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