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struggles understanding Latin declensions & conjugations

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My 7th grader is taking First Form Latin 2 days a week at a university model school.  She is getting a decent grade because we work the recitations a LOT and so everything is memorized cold.  But she doesn't truly understand the translating due to some minor learning challenges.  I would like to do something (somewhat fun if at all possible) this summer to shore up the understanding before she goes into Second Form next year.  She won't care if the book is too young for her if it is fun.  Can you suggest something that really clearly explains HOW Latin conjugations and declensions work, and provides lots of practice?  Bonus if it comes with a video or DVD, and an answer key for me!

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Latin Prep! It may be out of print but look for it used.  It isn’t so much fun as funny, and it does do a good job of explaining.  Caveat emptor - the order of cases is different in British recitation than American.  That shouldn’t be an issue if she has her declensions down pat like you mention.

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