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Book list for lovers of the Warriors books by Erin Hunter

CindyH in NC

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My 21 yr old dd is still in love with the Warriors series of books about cats.  For as long as I can remember, she has received on of these titles around her birthday in the fall and again in the spring.  She is a huge re-reader of books and has taken most of these to college with her for comfort reading.  I did the same thing with middle grade and ya books as a college student. 

Anyway she is guest writing a few things for her best friend's blog and since we've gotten so many book titles and ideas for her here over the years, she wanted me to share her post that has other books and series she's found that are similar to her beloved Warriors.  I told her I would share it with the moms here. so other kids who love the same genre can find more books to read.  


PS The blog is geared towards tweens and teens - I'm not the target audience of course, but most things are definitely appropriate for 11 and up.  I've never seen anything objectionable at all, but ymmv.  

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Very nice!

The original Warriors series was the first set of books that reluctant reader DS#2 really latched on to and loved, so I do have a soft spot for that original series. 😉 While it's not a series (just a single book), about that same time, DS#2 also *loved* Varjaw Paw by S.F. Said (also about a domestic cat who "rises to power").

No personal experience with any of the following, but a few other series for tweens, all animals:

more by Erin Hunter (the author collective that wrote the Warriors series):
- Bravelands (African animals)
- The Seekers (polar bears)
- Survivors (dogs)

by Kathryn Lasky:
- Guardians of Ga'hoole (owls)
- Bears of the Ice (polar bears)
- Wolves of the Beyond (wolves)
- Horses of the Dawn (horses)

and by Inbali Iserles:
- Foxcraft trilogy (foxes)

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