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Switching Middle Schooler from Public to Private Classical School

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Hi there,

My 7th grade daughter has been in public school since Kindergarten and for many reasons, we are considering applying to a local private classical academy for her to attend next year. 

Has anyone here successfully transitioned a child from public to a private classical school in this age group?   If so, how did your student adjust to the difference in teaching styles?  Did you feel your student was behind other children by missing the grammer stage of classical education?  

Thanks for any insight you might have on this topic!

- Laura

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There's one thing that has been a challenge that I heard about from one of my friends IRL who is on the staff of a private classical academy is Latin. Everything else they could "catch" up on but Latin was something that she said the students needed to get up to speed.

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It has not been a problem here because for the Latin, the kids who come in later, they just start with Latin 1. Still, I have always gone over things over the summer that I knew my child would face in the fall. Only other issue I have seen is our local public schools always tried to entertain the kids and make everything gimmicky and fun. They all had ipads. At the classical school, they had serious work to do and learning and studying, much more like how it was when we were kids. No rap music videos from MTV or zombie videos to learn math facts or vocabulary.

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My son entered later, but it would have been immensely helpful to have advanced prep (on our part) to at least KNOW the writing rubrics they used from elementary school on.  The school my son entered in high school used 6 Traits.  Had I known that, I would have used it for our last year at home, or at least given him exposure to it in the summer before.

Also, the organization skills the school uses:  that would have been a big help as well.  They *said* all the assignments were online..well, no.  And the paperstorm--omgoodness!  I am a good paper organizer and it was way above my pay grade.  Find a parent of a kid in the same grade who can tell you what to expect operationally.  

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