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Preschool Literature Based Curriculum

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My youngest just turned 4 a couple months ago.  He is learning letter sounds, and I feel he is ready and desires to learn to read.  I feel he will be reading by this summer.  We count on an abacus together and basic play and read alouds.  He wants to do school like his older siblings.  I would like to get him something special to work on.  I didn't do a preschool program with my other kids and don't want a full curriculum.  I would like a gentle worksheet/ activity sheet.  I don't really want to teach writing yet because I feel it would dampen his enthusiasm but I may experiment and see if he can follow LOE cursive strokes.  He writes his name in block letters and a few other letters as well. 

I would also like a new set of readers.  We have a large library but I'd like him to feel he has something special.  Sonlight's preschool package looks fun, but I prefer secular for funding reasons.  Bookshark Pre K is for 4-5 year olds and is more geography etc, instead of just literature.  That is fine, but he listens in on his siblings' history, geography and science, and I just want literature for him.  I actually don't even need a full curriculum/ lesson plan.  I am mostly looking for an interesting package of books for him, and can purchase on my own.  Can anyone recommend something similar?  Or any other good suggestions of activities?

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I don't think I want to do a full blown formal curriculum for this guy.  I guess I'm getting confident in teaching what he needs to know.  I just really wanted some more literature.  My other son tagged along when I read to my daughter.  Now there is enough age difference between children that it won't work as well for this last one.  I really need more reading for just him.

I found this blog with a list of literature based programs: .

I went to each site and identified books that looked interesting that we don't have.  I may just order about 20 of the books for him.  I utilize the library a lot, but can only request 10 holds at a time and the interlibrary loans are slow.  I wanted to buy some things so he also would get an exciting new box of books to keep:)  

Here is the list I came up with, if anyone is interested.

A New Coat for Anna

Amber on the Mountain

Andy and the Circus

Andy and the Lion

Angus Lost

Anno’s China

Anno’s Denmark

Anno’s Italy

Anno’s Journey

Anno’s Spain

Berenstain Bear’s Big Book of Science and Nature

Big Thoughts for Little People

Finding Winnie

Henry the Castaway

Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear?

Karl, Get Out of the Garden

Katy and the Big Snow

Katy No Pocket

Leif the Lucky

Mike Mulligan’s Steam Shovel

Miss Rumphius

Mr. Grumpy’s Motor Car

My Blue Boat

Obadiah the Bold

Play With Me

Rachel and Obadiah

Storm in the Night

The Boy Who Held Back the Sea

The Carrot Seed

The Clown of God

The Little Red Lighthouse

The Right Word

The Seven Silly Eaters

They Were Strong and Good

Time of Wonder, Robert McCloskey

Warm as Wool

What Do People Do All Day?

What’s Under the Sea?

When God Made You

When I was Young in the Mountains

Why do Tigers Have Stripes?

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In case you do want something, Torchlight just released their prek curriculum. it's a weekly schedule with only a few things each day, has a bit or math and reading already in the schedule. A lot of nature things, and heavy on social-emotional learning (why I love it). We're starting it in the summer. 

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On 4/15/2019 at 9:23 PM, Paradox5 said:

Memoria Press, maybe? Your list is very similar to theirs for Kinder read-alouds.

I think I used Memoria's list too (along with FIAR, Sonlight, etc).  We have gone through quite a bit of that reading since I posted the list.  I have just been requesting the books from the library.  I am not quite sure how to approach this child.  He is very bright.  He has a great memory, wants to learn, and asks amazingly observant questions.  I just feel he is too young to sit and learn cursive, which is what must do in LOE.  He is still eager, so I guess I will continue for a couple months and see what happens.  If he is not sitting, he is often causing trouble.  

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What about HomeschoolShare?  They have free downloadable preschool packs (worksheets, games, etc) to go with lots of books.

I liked Wee Folk Art.  A fiction book, a craft or art project, and non-fiction related books each week.  I found they were easy to substitute with similar stories when I couldn't find the exact one.

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