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CM books/teaching tools for K, 1st, and 2nd?

Susie in MS

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Reading the poll down below about the CM method books (2 of which I am reading) got me wondering what sort of books/tools CM moms would use for phonics and math for the younger years? Then what books would you use for grammar?


Or maybe, instead of piecing, you would use a full curriculum like Little Hearts for His Glory or maybe MFW? Of couse you still have to add in math.


Thanks for your thoughts!!

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Have you looked at www.queenhomeschool.com for Language Arts? I am patiently (well, not so patiently actually) my order of the Language Lessons series for my boys (k4 and first grade). These follow the CM way of doing LA for the most part. I am looking forward to using them. There are samples on the web site for you to check out.

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but I could tell you that if I could choose anything I would so totally go with MFW K.


If you're trying to implement a CM education at home it's very hard. A *true* CM education requires us to think completely outside the box.


CM advocates in the early years lots of real-life style learning and outdoor play, and there is a list of attainments for a child of six. It's actually amazing how well rounded and well thought out the list of attainments really is.


But if you want a CM flavor, MFW K will give that to you. It's planned out very carefully and it's not too expensive either. If you're sure to read CM books, and have the CM flavor pervading your mind and homeschool, then using MFW K will give your child a great start without a lot of headache for you!


I had a really hard time implementing a CM education because I was trying to do it all on my own the natural way and it was difficult for me. If I had used MFW K (which I actually had in my possession at one time) I think it would have gone much better.


Just my thoughts, experiences and opinion on that.

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I HIGHLY recommend Living Books Curriculum for a complete, modern charlotte mason curriculum. I cannot say enough wonderful things about it!

We have loved our year using their curriculum.


It is chronological in history.


We have to switch to something else next year due to new realizations about our convictions on pagan teaching for youngers...


but if you wanted chronological like WTM and CM I wholeheartedly recommend their curriculum.



can't post link right now- sorry

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Have you looked at Ambleside Online or Simply Charlotte Mason They have suggestions language arts and math curriculum that are in keeping with CM. They also have book lists for the other subjects as well.


I am not a packaged curriculum kind of girl. I like piecing things together. The two sites mentioned above help me do that.



mom of 3 (8,7,5)

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I've used Queen Homeschool's LLfLO 1 and started 2. I LOVE them for picture study, poetry, and narration. But, they're not complete enough for phonics instruction IMHO. You'd need to get at least some more readers and make up some extra copywork or tile play on your own. The handwriting in the books is just words printed in Comic Sans Serif font without any instruction on forming letters. I'm not that CMy, but I think you could use OPGTR or PP in that way. Keep lessons short but follow the phonics instruction in these books to make sure you've got it covered really well.


For math, the most CM you can get is a manipulative based program with limited worksheets. I'd say RightStart fits that mold well. I've used it personally for 2 weeks and had to stop because ds hated it. I may give it another try with dd since I think it would suit her well. Try to look at RightStart first hand to judge if it would work for you or not.


For read-alouds, I really like Elizabeth Foss' list in Real Learning. AO Year 0 is also a great list. Five in a Row is not, strictly speaking, CM but it is a lot of fun with living books at the heart of your learning.


Good luck finding what you're looking for!

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You could also check out the Elson Reader's available from Rainbow Resource. I also highly recommend Shiller Math. It seems very cm to me. For grammar, the Queen's books are very nice. I do have to put in a plug for fll too. The lessons are short, pleasant, and include copywork, dictation, poem memorization, etc.

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If you're trying to implement a CM education at home it's very hard. A *true* CM education requires us to think completely outside the box.


I had a really hard time implementing a CM education because I was trying to do it all on my own the natural way and it was difficult for me.


I think it's easy to forget that CM is not a curriculum but a method, PNEU selected books and made schedules but it was a school that was in session for 6 days a week, and 96 days at a time(?) and Ambleside is just an attempt to mimic that.


I think the best way to implement a CM education at home is to apply the 20 Principles http://www.amblesideonline.org/CM/20Principles.html and use curriculum that best fits your children's needs. Of course, I haven't read Home Education yet but I have finished More Charlotte Mason Education by Levison and I didn't get the feeling at all that it was a hard thing to accomplish. Key things we'll be doing is: short lessons, using living books as much as possible, using CM techniques for language arts after basic phonics where they fit our goals and start nature study.


It's not an all or nothing venture, you pick 1 or 2 elements to use in your home or all of them if you desire.

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I don't think it is a difficult thing to implement a CM education in a homeschool, but I do think you need to consider the fact that CM taught nannies to hometeach...not parents and the PNEU schools...were...ummmm...schools...where there was no laundry, dishes, hungry husbands, phone calls etc.

The days were dedicated to many subjects...which, if we set up a learning enviroment, make CM's methods come alive....for example, "Picture Study." While I could contrive to make lessons and follow a regiment for teaching art, I have found if I put a postcard sized painting in my fridge...at eye level, my kiddoes naturally look at it. They study it. Then I'll switch it with another, by the same artist. I might get some library books and "leave" them on the coffe table....non-chalantly flip through them...put them down...and then find my littlies do the same. I'll talk to them about the colors, the scene...have them narrate a story about the pic...etc. By choosing only 3 or 4 artists a year...we will cover 30 or 40 artists indepth over their schooling years...pain free...and it is so cool to see my kids recognize the Hudson Valley artists...or Mosaics...or Rembrandts...or even some Picasso's :-)


I do the same with folk songs, hymns, classical music...just load them into my ipod and play them whenever.


Nature walks...well those i leave up to the kids....I get lots of field guides and have them available. I point out plants that I know...or bugs..etc, but I don't stress over it.


For phonics and math, I use phonics museum and BJU math...but I keep in mind CM's philosophies...use nursery rhymes...some sight words...don't over stress the physical act of writing, but have them make a few perfect letters...read real books like Frog & Toad and Beginners Bible.


I sometimes photocopy the page and cut it apart and have ds put it back together...use his books for copy work (for handwriting,) fill their ears with good books...Fairy Tales, Aesops Fables, Bible Stories, music...fill their eyes with things of beauty...paintings, sculptures, dragon flies, flowers....fill their minds with noble thoughts, great ideas, God's word.


I have been using CM's ideas for quite some time...and have a bit of a different perspective on her methods, as I have used them for High School aged kids too...

CM is NOT classical light...or hands off easy....BUT it is do-able and can provide a wonderful education.


sorry I got so windy....I just had a few minutes of down time.

Have a great weekend...



Oh yes...for Grammar...Serles Primary Language lessons, has been great.

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