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feedback on Mango languages?

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I used it briefly years ago with my then-4th grade kiddo (she's an 8th grader now). She wanted to learn Japanese. We also used Mango through our library.

From what I remember, it was all conversation-based, no writing. We didn't learn to read anything in Japanese. And the language lessons were based around phrases you would most likely use when traveling. "Where is the train station?" etc. I remember thinking that if my kiddo wanted to pursue Japanese further, I'd have to find a different curriculum to teach her the written characters and formal grammar. She ended up petering out because the stuff she was learning just wasn't appealing to a 4th grader. Plus the 2nd or 3rd unit taught phrases used to meet other people, specifically dates. To quote my daughter, "Ewww!" 🙂

But I love that they do teach you to *speak* a foreign language. And as long as those other languages use the same alphabet as English, then you could ostensibly learn to read & write the language. But if they don't, then you'll need to find alternatives.

Take this with a grain of salt, though, because it's been years since we used it. Hope others have more recent advice!


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We're using Mango for French, and supplementing with a textbook and flashcards. It is designed for travel (how to order in restaurants, shopping, etc) and conversation. It works really well for my ds who likes to learn this way. I have found that Mango doesn't teach/explain verb conjugation well, so that's where we use the textbook.

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