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delivery question?

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I assume - things for which I'm receiving notices which say "amazon tried to deliver your package - contact usps to get into your building"  will have another automatic delivery attempt when the roads are passable!  (which may not be until Tuesday - or later.  we're expecting more snow tomorrow and Monday. my hill doesn't take much to be impassable - long and steep.)  we only got the mail two or three times this past week.

is this a sane assumption?  or should I engage in hassle?

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4 hours ago, Pawz4me said:

IME they'll attempt delivery again when the roads are better.


2 hours ago, Riverland said:

We got a similar message during the polar vortex. I did nothing. The package was delivered the next day when the weather was much better.

kinda what I was expecting - but why bother sending the message?  though considering there are amazon drivers who have marked something delivered - but wasn't....


and our hill, I wouldn't expect anything until there are at least tracks for someone to go up.  I'd never expect a mail/delivery truck to venture down here.  I doubt we'll see a garbage truck on Monday - the 2nd week we'll be skipped due to weather related road conditions.

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In my experience, UPS and Fedex will deliver the package as soon as weather allows.

With the USPS, all bets are off. Sometimes they'll deliver it and sometimes they won't.

Even when roads are clear, the USPS will sometimes leave a note in our mailbox saying they attempted delivery but we weren't home - even though I've been home all day and know they did not so much as pull in our driveway, let alone come to the door. The note will say that we have to come down to the post office to pick it up, which I find so annoying. You're the ones getting paid to deliver it, so just get the job done. If I know what's in the package and I'm not in a big rush to get it, I'll wait them out and they will usually end up delivering it after several days have gone by. 

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