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Just venting: Then TELL me how you want it - UPDATE


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Person 1: I need X and I need it soon.

Me: Ok. I can get you X today by doing A or within the next couple of days by doing B.  For me to do C, I'd need you to do Z.

Person 1: A and B won't work for me because blah blah blah.  I can't do Z until weeks from now.  I really need X.

Me (after researching options): I found a solution. I can do D to get you X tomorrow, you would only need to do Y.

Person 1: That will be ok as a one time thing but I really can't be doing Y or Z going forward. It's just too inconvenient/time consuming.

ARGH!  Then TELL me how you want me to do it!  I'm doing somersaults here to try to accommodate you.

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Thank you for the sympathy and laughs!  They really helped.  I plan to share the "expert" video during a meeting for work if my supervisor agrees.  🙂

As I was falling asleep last night (funny how our minds seem to become more flexible at times like that), I realized that part of the communication problem was that we were misunderstanding one another on one aspect of the request. It seems to be settled for now.  Really appreciated the space to vent, though.

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I'm in the middle of one of these: a mailing.  A three-week project under the best of circumstances, but asked for in four days, no matter that I have other daily work that can't be put down. It was a "four day project" until we figured out how much data would have to be massaged to produce the extract of data needed. And yesterday, I found out that we didn't actually have the items that needed to go in with the mailing. The delay will push us into needing to postpone the projects until after other calendar events are past.  That will be a tough sell on Monday.  And I'll look like the bad guy.  




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