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Surprise low carb "win" in unexpected place


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I've been eating low carb for several years now; it works best for me.  When eating out, it takes a while to learn the tricks and tips on where to go, what to order, and how to order. Apparently, I'm still learning. 

I've always "known" that there was no point in walking into a Dunkin' Donuts and expecting to find anything I could eat.  But yesterday, after an early appointment, I really wanted a coffee and walked across the parking lot to a near-by location. After studying the menu, I stepped up to order my coffee, no sweetener, extra cream.  I also asked about getting egg, sausage, and cheese without the bread options.  Not only did the cashier not blink, she stated that she could sub an extra egg for the bread.  I've never had anywhere else ADD something when I've declined bread, with the exception of a few sandwich/burger places that will wrap it in lettuce instead of bread. The price was the same.  Win!

Edited to remove the horrifying extra "h" in "sandwich." I just couldn't leave it there.

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