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Help with self-paced Algebra 2 and Geometry course?

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My son's in public high school,a math lover and straight A+ grader and would like to strengthen more and advance his math skills.Usually,he's getting help with this YouTube channel The organic chemistry tutor.(lf anyone knows any other most useful free videos channel then please let me know for Algebra 2 and Geometry course).  He's looking for self paced,rigorous and some practice problems course so he has narrowed down the search with these choices:

Homeschoolconnectons:   Recorded course: Forester Algebra 2, Parts One and Two ----How many practice problems are in each section of a unit usually?

Mr. D Maths    How many practice problems are in each section of a unit usually?

https://coolmathguy.com/course/algebra-2   How many practice problems are in each section of a unit usually?

Do we have to buy text books for all these courses? Would there be Solution Manual for these courses? ls the getting instructor access for grading and tutoring beneficial for this course?How does tutoring and grading work in self paced courses? Are the tutors available by email or any other source if the student will have some confusions during the coursework?

 Could I get some experiences of those who have used either/or or all three of these resources?Which one you prefer and why?  I'm interested in the rigorous and stem career self paced Algebra 2.Geometry, Pre calculus and Calculus courses? lf anyone has experience with any one of these or any other even Summer intensive Math courses, then kindly let me know that how much time would he need to watch videos and practice for each day as he is enrolled in full time school and already has a load of full time six courses this semester. I need to know if the price is worth it with your feedback.


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My 8th grader is in a school well known for its workload.  No time for a live class. We used Thinkwell for geo, alg1, alg 2, and are a unit away from wrapping up precalc. We will move to ap cal ab in a month, also with TW.  It's all video 24/7, instantly graded practices, quizzes, chapter test, mid-terms and final.  I especially like the pre-calc class: following the syllabus, there is 4 months of college algebra function, and 4 months of a full trig class. pricing is $130 for 12 months, but frequently on sale for around $85 at Homeschoolbuyercoop.com.  As a 7th grader,  he missed SAT 700M by one  quesiton. good luck

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We are using Mr D self paced Algebra 2. There isn't a text or solutions manual to buy. You just buy access to the online course. There is a video lesson and then worksheets that you can print out with all the problems. The number of problems varies quite a bit, but it seems he tries to give you enough problems to see all the variations. The student has access to the answers with all the problems worked out. My son likes to quickly check the answer and then, if it's wrong, he reworks the problem as many times as necessary and checks again until he understands what he did wrong. Grading allows the student to bring up his grade by redoing the problems and I've watched this encourage my son to keep trying. Live online tutoring is offered twice a week and asking questions by email is also allowed. We've tried multiple things for math and my math hater is finally starting to enjoy and understand math. It's definitely been worth the money for us.

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@calbear Do you have experience with Mathwithoutborders? 

I have seen Homeschoolconnectionsonline Maths Algrebra 2 with Forester book as a recorded class option so any opinion for which Forester Algebra 2 I go for? Which one has more support available if a student gets stuck during the course work?

Does Forester’s Algrebra 2 contains half Algebra, half Pre calculus and some Geometry? Is this book intended to use for 2 years? If it’s half pre calculus then do students after finishing this book go to Calculus?

Is Forester Algebra 2 a solid choice for stem career?


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I haven't used it yet. Others on the boards have used it. I am just pointing out an alternative option to the class that you mentioned since you were interested in Foerster. These are purely a self-paced courses. He provides a video of worked out solutions for all the even problems. You can purchase a solutions manual for the textbook, but the answers for the odd problems are in the back of the textbook. He just doesn't work out those solutions.

There are full descriptions of the courses and what is covered in each Foerster book on the website. This would be an excellent choice of text for a STEM minded student.

This review of the program might be helpful to you. https://cathyduffyreviews.com/homeschool-reviews-core-curricula/math/grades-9-12/math-without-borders-home-study-companions

There are some reviews that are easy to find on amazon and facebook as well.

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