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Sometimes it's nice to see past planning lists to get some ideas. I was only able to find threads going back to 2014 and I'm sure I didn't find them all, so if you have a link from anything before that please feel free to add it. ETA: Planning Wisdom links in another post below.

Preschool/ Kindergarten

Kindergarten 2021-2022 Choices?

2021-2022 Kindergarten Planning Thread

2020-2021 PreK

2020-2021 Kinder Planning 

PreK Planning Thread for 2018-2019

Pre-K 3 planning 2016-2017

K4 planning thread – 2016

K5 Planning Thread – 2015

PreK and K Plans? – 2017

Kindergarten planning 2018-2019

Kindergarten planning thread for 2017-2018

Kindergarten Planning – 2017

Kindy thread - 2017


1st Grade

1st Grade Planning Thread 2020-2021 

2019-2020 1st grade planning

1st grade planning thread 2018-19

First Grade Planning Thread – 2018

1st Grade Planning Thread 2016/2017

First Grade Planning Thread? – 2015

First Grade Planning – 2015

1st Grade curriculum planning - 2012

What are you using for first grade this year?? - 2012


2nd Grade

2nd Grade Planning Thread for 2020-2021

2nd Grade Planning Thread For 2018/2019

2018-19 2nd Grade Planning (part two?)

2017-2018 planning thread for 2nd grade

2nd Grade Planning Thread – 2016

2nd grade planning thread – 2015


3rd Grade

3rd Grade Planning List 2021-2022 

3rd Grade Planning Thread 2020-2021 

2019-2020 3rd Grade

3rd grade planning thread 2018-2019

3rd grade planning – 2016

3rd Grade Planning Thread 2016-2017

3rd grade planning thread – 2015


4th Grade

Fourth grade planning 2021-2022

4th grade planning thread 

2019-2020 4th Grade Planning

4th Grade Planning Thread - 2018

4th Grade Planning Thread – 2016

4th Grade Planning Thread 2016-2017

4th Grade Planning Thread – 2015


5th Grade

5th Grade Planning Thread 2021-22

5th Grade Planning Thread 2020-2021 

2019-2020 5th Grade Planning

5th Grade Planning Thread 2018-19

2017--2018 --5th Grade Planning

2016-2017 5th Grade Planning Board

Is there a 5th grade planning thread? – 2016

5th Grade Planning – 2015

5th grade planning thread? – 2015


6th Grade

6th Grade Planning Thread 2021-2

6th grade 2020-2021 Planning 

6th Grade 2019-2020

6th grade planning thread - 2018

6th grade planning thread or what worked or didn't work - 2018

2017-2018 6th Grade Planning Thread

S/O Who's Planning for Next Year Middle School? - 2015

Is there a 6th grade planning thread – 2014


7th Grade

Seventh Grade Planning Thread 2021-2022

7th Grade Planning 2020-2021 

7th Grade Planning 2019-2020

7th grade planning thread 2018-19

7th Grade Planning 2018/2019

7th Grade Planning Thread - 2015

7th Grade Planning – 2014

Anyone willing to share 7th grade curriculum plan for next year? - 2012


8th Grade

8th grade planning thread 2021-2022

8th Grade Planning Thread 2020-2021 

2019-2020 8th grade planning

8th Grade Planning Thread 2018-19

2017--2018 --8th Grade Planning

2017-2018 8th Grade Planning Thread :)

2016-2017 8th grade planning

8th Grade Planning – 2015

8th Grade Planning for the Motivated Kid ;) – 2015


9th Grade

9th Grade Planning 2021-2022  

Anyone Planning for 9th Grade 2020-2021? 

9th Grade for 2019-2020

Who's in planning mode yet for 2018-19? Want to share?

s/o planning for 2018-2019 – Homegrown courses 9-12

2017-2018 9th grade planning - if you've started, please post!

9th Grade Planning Thread – 2017

Advice for 9th grade planning – 2016

9th grade planning - 2016

What are you doing for 9th grade? – 2016

Who's planning for next year? – 2015 9-12


10th Grade

2021-2022 10th grade planning thread

10th grade for 2020-2021! 

10th grade planning 2019-2020

10th grade planning thread 2017-2018

Pls Share your 10th grade courses! 2017 (Halcyon)

10th grade planning thread - 2013


11th Grade
2021-2022 11th Grade Planning Thread

11th grade for 2020-21

2019-2020 11th grade planning

11th grade planning thread – 2017

11th grade planning thread -  2017

11th grade planning thread - 2015


12th Grade

2021-2022 Planning thread for 12th grade

Senior Year Planning - 2020-21 

12th grade planning 2019-2020

12 th grade! Planning thread - 2017

12th grade planning ?? – 2015


Advanced Learner

2021-2022 Planning for your AL 

2020-2021 Planning for your AL

2019-2020 AL Planning Thread

2018-2019 planning for your AL


Multigrade Planning

planning thread for 2021

2020-2021 My Child Doesn't Fit a Grade Planning

Year Round Homeschoolers Planning - 2020

2019-2020 My Child Doesn't Fit Into a Grade Planning Thread

Planning Thread for the Kids Who Don't Fit Into a Specific Grade – 2018

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Planning Wisdom - General

Use the curriculum that gets done, not the one you want. – 2016

Lesson Planning Multiple Curricula – 2018

Master Planning and Scheduling Thread for 2015-16 School Year

Lesson Planning – 2016

What does planning look like for you? – 2016

Planning full year with filing system – 2016

How did I just find out about this? Great planning software - One Note - 2013

S/O planning. How are your plans for THIS year holding? – 2015

Why you should work on TWTM skills - copywork, narration, dictation, outlining, etc. – 2012

s/o...Nan in Mass, come and elaborate! – 2011

Ever desire a more relaxed approach to homeschool? – 2012

The breadth vs. depth question - 2010

How do you preserve the love for learning in your school? – 2012

Interest driven education and *real* tea-time – 2010

My evaluation of numerous writing curricula – 2012

How does one provide a classical education? Circe Institute lovers? - 2012

Science posts organized by topic - 2014 Lewelma's Science Link List


Middle School Planning Wisdom

To all you people with 8th graders (or there abouts) -  2008

Pressing through the middle years of homeschooling: how do you do it? – 2014

Explicitly teaching Executive Function skills - 2018

High School Parents--looking back what would your ideal be for 7th/8th grade? – 2009

What do "seventh grade" and "ninth grade" look like to you? – 2012

8th Grade Goals: What skills do your kids need to practice before high school? – 2015

Which 20 books help prepare for reading the Great Books? - 2009


High School Planning Wisdom

For those of you with 8th graders considering homeschooling high school – 2008

Can someone link me to a nice 4-year overview for high school? – 2014

High school curriculum, where do I start??  - 2012

s/o 8th grade planning... looking ahead to high school – 2017

"Outside the box" for high school? – 2014

Changes you made teaching 2nd (or +) time through high school? – 2012

The "There Will Be Gaps" thread  - 2013

Starting over again - homeschooling in 8th-12th grades questions  - 2014

What subjects does it help to "think backwards" about when planning for high school? – 2012

Is anyone else struggling to find their place in high school homeschooling? Is it so wrong that we want to paint and listen to Velvet Underground? - 2014



2016-2017 Out-of-the-Box Planning Thread (Dare I say...with a hint of unschooling?)

(s/o all the planning threads) Who wants to share their homemade, DIY courses/plans for next year? - 2015

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Wanted to separate the grade level planning and wisdom because it's getting long
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Thank you so much for taking the time to do this!

I snorted at the things I dropped/ changed. 🙄 😏 I beamed at the things I had to say about my kids over the years. 😊 I felt a heavy heart seeing the change over from "relatively healthy family" to "family member with serious medical issues" and how drastically that's changed our homeschool. 😟 

I'm going to fix that last one tomorrow. Not next school year. Tomorrow.

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