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9th Grade for 2019-2020!

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16 hours ago, arliemaria said:

What a neat opportunity for the Teen Glight program! Is this a national or just a local group?

It is a national program, but only at certain small airports so I think it can be challenging to find a chapter locally. Yes, we are lucky to have one near us!

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DS14 will officially be a 9th grader next year (had toyed with the idea of sending him to private school as a 10th grader but decided against grade accelerating him at this point).  Classes next year:

Local academic co-op:  honors precalc, honors chemistry, Spanish II, honors engineering

PA Homeschoolers:  pre-AP literature

WTMA:  Medieval history, Rhetoric I

At home:  PE

Extracuriculars:  we recently moved to a new state and I need to get this non-sporty child involed in something.  With his love of aeronautics (he wants to be an aerospace engineer) I'm thinking some sort of robotics club or Civil Air Patrol.

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I'm getting a late start because dd was considering an early college program but ultimately decided against it. I'm kind of glad -- I was going to miss her!

Here's what we have so far:

English Lit & Comp -- homegrown reading list still in progress, with The Elegant Essay and Windows to the World 

Math -- Saxon Advanced Math at local co-op

Science -- Novare Chemistry, hopefully with a lab intensive, probably next summer

History -- not a flipping clue! Haven't found a single thing I like, and dreading the thought of a history survey class after two rounds through the history cycle. Thinking we will do something interest-led, but so far haven't come up with anything. Definitely will have a focus on writing

Electives -- still deciding but leaning towards Apologetics, Violin I, PE/Health, possibly Career Exploration, still considering others

Extracurriculars -- violin and competitive crew

We are holding off on foreign language for now. I'd like for her to DE it, but our local CC only offers Arabic and Spanish, and only two levels of each. I'm hoping that will be enough to fulfill her degree requirements, because she isn't really into languages, but I'm a bit nervous that two years won't be enough.

Thinking we will put history, science, and most electives on a block schedule so we can focus on fewer things at a time. Thankful I don't have to teach math at least, but I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed at all the other stuff!!

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On 2/5/2019 at 8:10 PM, ScoutTN said:

Ok, I am slowly getting used to the idea that my firstborn will be a high school student next year. How did we get here so fast?! 

Dd is a good student who loves literature, creative writing, and languages, but can also do math. She is not an organized kid, so I know we need to work more on study skills and executive function things. Some of it is hormonal brain fog, for sure. She has a heavy load this year and is frustrated with not enough free time/down time, so we are dialing it back some next year, fewer classes and some less-intense choices.

Here is our tentative plan

Math -  Geometry at local tutorial with the Glencoe textbook. (Not thrilled with this choice, but we cannot afford an online class this year. Sad to not be doing Jurgensen at WHA!  Much less concerned about this now that I have spoken with the teacher. She is thoroughly capable and experienced.)

English - mom-made, mostly paralleling her modern history class. We will use Windows to the World for Lit analysis and then add some other essay writing second semester.

Language - Latin 2, online with CLRC.  

History - Moderns at home with me. I'll use Dave Raymond's course as a starting point and add some Read Like a Historian and some movies.

Science - Biology at local tutorial with the Science Shepherd text. The tutorial uses a local university's labs, so the kids get to work in nice facilities with good equipment. 

Elective - Musical Theater at local tutorial.

Extra curriculars: Piano, AHG, regular exercise tbd, Church youth group. Possibly looking for a regular volunteering opportunity or a job after we get settled into the year and see how it goes.

Does this look okay? High school is scary! 



I agree that it's a little scary! We survived 9th grade this year and I just wanted to say that I think you will love your dd's geometry and biology teachers (I think I know them!)! Have a great year!!!

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Finally ready to post! 

Math- Saxon Algebra 1

Science- Biology by Miller Levine- lots of videos from HHMI Bio Interactive, labs, and interactive notebooks from Mel and Gerty on TPT

English 1- Mom made, using Norton Sampler, Figuratively Speaking,  How to Read Lit Like a Professor, and a book list I'm still working on.  Plan is at least one essay per month, and one novel per month.  

History- World History by Holt as an outline, hoping to get to the Industrial Revolution.  I'm thinking 4 quarters- Mesopotamia,  Asia, Egypt -  Greece and Rome  (possibly Norse Mythology,  too)  - Middle Ages - Industrial Revolution.  Each will be 9 weeks long, but at the end of thd 9 weeks we move forward regardless of how much we've covered.  I tend to go deep and not cover it all, so hoping with a schedule like this I can stay on topic enough to cover it.  We will use videis, notebooking,  mapwork, abd read some primary source documents.  I will use living books for DD to read, and textbook will be mostly read by me and for outlining.  Skills to learn will include note taking, outlining, short answer essays,  suppOrting an opinion with facts and details, and formal essays.  

Personal Finance (.5 or 1, depending on content )- at co-op, I'm teaching! 

Drama (.5)- at Co-op

We have discussed other electives such as health  (she did OM last year, b u t we may do a .5 credit refresher course), sewing (she wants to learn, but I'm not sure I want to put it on a transcript as a course), and Food Science- we did this in 8th grade, so it would be a continuing class. She also wants to do Botany, so not sure if thst will be a .5 credit extra or just includee with Biology.  Maybe PE?  I want to get 6 or 7 credits total.

Note that there is no FL.  I am aware if this!  Right now she's not sure about college, and does not want to do Spanish.  We may do ASL, but I'm still gathering ideas snd I do not want to over-schedule her.  She's worried about a heavy load, so I'm planning the 4 cores, and we will see how the extras play out once we have those in a routine.  

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On 4/30/2019 at 5:19 PM, Roadrunner said:

How many credits are you planning for your 9th grader? 


 We have 8 total planned. 5 core, 1  each in fine arts, PE, and Logic.  That seems like a lot. 😬 But the music and PE are just stuff she does for fun ...  

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