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2019-2020 5th Grade Planning

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I didn't see one of these for 5th grade yet! What is everyone planning?


My oldest will be in 5th grade this upcoming school year and we've reached a lovely point where we actually talk about what works and doesn't work about what we're using/how we're using it. Honestly, it has made planning so much easier. 

Math:  Teaching Textbooks 6 with MM as a supplement.

After 3.5 blissful years of Math Mammoth, DS just burnt out on it. He still really likes the way it's written/explains things but the layout was getting overwhelming for him, even with a significant number of problems crossed out. He also really wanted something computer based but that had review built in "like his grammar" (Saxon). We've been doing TT5 with reinforcement pulled from MM4 for the past couple months and that has seemed to work out really well for him. I figure we'll continue it for the next year and I'll keep a close eye on things.

Grammar/Writing: finish up the last quarter of Saxon Grammar and Writing 4 and then start 5. He'll also be doing some writing in other subjects (reading/lit, history, science).

Spelling: I've got Spelling Workout E sitting on my shelves but we're debating between that and Megawords 1.

Reading/Lit: List of books (that I'm still putting together). We'll discuss them and I'll require some narration/summary work from him as well. 

History/Geography: We're doing a year of US History/Geography as a family. I haven't found anything I love so I'm kind of putting together my own thing. Crossing my fingers that it goes well.

Science:  Either Oak Meadow Science 5 or Mr. Q Advanced Earth Science. 

I keep going back and forth because we've taken a pretty relaxed approach to science for the last 4 years, which has been great but has also resulted in a science education heavily weighted towards Biology/Earth Science. So on one hand I like the idea of Oak Meadow which seems to be a general science overview but DS has really loved Mr. Q and I wonder/worry about trying to fix something that isn't broken. Plus, then he'd be doing the same science as his younger brothers and it'd be easier to do experiments and activities together. I really should just need to practice what I brag about and show him examples of both and let him decide. 

Other: field trips and art classes with our homeschool group, typing, coding projects with (or directed by) dad, plus read alouds and a general art/music overview/ appreciation with everyone. 

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I can play along. 😊

Math: BA 5 C&D then moving into AOPS Pre-A.

Science: finish the 3rd BFSU book, supplemented with ACS chemistry and EEME electronic kits.

English: finish WWE4, supplemented with other writing projects, maybe Twisting Arms. I planned to take a year off grammar, but now I'm wondering if I should just start AG a year early and be done, I'll ask her later. Spelling with Spelling Power

History: ancients w/ K12 HO. Taking this year off of American History.

Foreign language: Spanish/German/Big Book of Lively Latin 2 (this category is obviously out of control, but we do them all a little bit every day)

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My oldest will be in 5th next year.

He is on the last chapter of AOPS Pre-Algebra, so he is going to take a break to play around with Patty Paper Geometry and then dive into AOPS Algebra.  He will continue to work on speeding up math facts with Xtramath.

Next year will be his first time systematically studying logic.  We are starting with Fallacy Detective, and then perhaps The Thinking Toolbox.

For literature we are going to rotate through "units".  1) Reading picture books and analyzing them via the Teaching the Classics method.  2) Exploring literary devices via Figuratively Speaking and reading short stories.  3) A "Book Club" where he, his younger brother and I all independently read a book at the same time and then discuss it.  We might use some Glencoe study guides for this to help stimulate discussion.  4) Working through MCT Building Poems.  and 5) Perhaps a 4-6 week Outschool Literature class to allow him to explore a book with some same age peers.

He will listen to lots of audiobooks and read alouds.

He will continue to work through AAS (finish 4, start 5) and Put That in Writing level 1.  He will also probably do some IEW writing...I have SICC-B or maybe we will go with their new Fables, Myths, and Fairy Tales theme unit?

Next year all the kids will be studying anatomy.  The 3rd and 5th grader will be working through Mr. Q Advanced Anatomy...though I am aiming for exposure, not mastery, because it includes A LOT of vocabulary.  All the kids will also work through The Body Book just for fun and reinforcement.  I'm going to also try having the 5th grader work through one or two Ellen McHenry books separate from his siblings.

History next year will be SOTW 4 plus some of The Complete Book of United States History.  I'm also going to work through some of World History Detective one on one with the 5th grader.  He learned how to take Cornell notes this year, so we are going to practice that skill on the History Detective passages.

Next year I will be attempting our very first "All Kids Together" subject (with Pre-K, 1st, 3rd, 5th).  We are going to be making some lap books as we learn about some countries around the world.

He will continue in his weekly Spanish immersion class.  I also supplement that a lot with extra reading, writing and conversation practice.

He will also continue his art, gym and swimming classes.  Oh, and he has really been enjoying and learning a ton from Kids Cook Really Food, so he will continue that next year as well. 

He will keep plugging away on TypingClub.com until he reaches an adequate typing speed.  He will also continue Python programming and Playground Sessions piano lessons.

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My youngest is in fifth grade next year.  How could that be!

History:  Tapestry of Grace Year 1: Ancients  This will include Bible and geography, too.

Literature: TOG literature, probably upper grammar with the dialectic books as read alouds.  I'll probably do a Book Club with some of the books with another TOG family.

Lang Arts: Probably IEW Ancient Writing,  Spelling Power for Spelling and Rod and Staff 5 for Grammar, continue Pentime

Math: Finish Saxon 65 begin Saxon 76

Science: I'm not sure.  Maybe 1/2 year anatomy/ 1/2 year earth science like I did with oldest, but I'm not sure

Definitely continue with co-op.  She takes art classes there, but loves art so I'll probably figure something out to do at home.

Music: continue piano? continue guitar  Not sure

She's been doing Dutch on Duolingo, so probably continue with that if she's still up for it. She wants to do Czech next.????????

I imagine she will continue with TaeKwonDo and soccer.  I'd love her to do FLL or Destination Imagination if I can find a club for her.


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My youngest is very different from her older siblings, so we are always having to try new things with her. Here is what we're thinking.

Math - Singapore 6 (she is just starting 5B now, so may still be finishing it next year or already be in 6. You never know with her.) Didn't do 6 with the others, but I think she needs it.

History - SOTW 2  with some other stuff added

Science - RSO Astronomy 2 and RSO Earth 2 (if it is out by then) She will tag along with her older brother, so who knows how it will go.

Spelling - She is almost done with AAS now, so maybe the higher levels of Phonetic Zoo (because I have it). Not sure, my other kids took a different spelling path. Or maybe nothing?

Grammar - Winston Basic 

Vocabulary - Vocabulary from the Classical Roots 5

Literature - read books of her choice from my list and discuss with Teaching the Classics method.

Writing - Sentence Composing for Elementary (we have tried this recently and she seems to like it).

Latin - Lively Latin 1

Art - Artistic Pursuits Middle School and YouTube videos. This is her favorite subject

Extra: dance, theater, volleyball, soccer, piano (with me), voice (YouTube).



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I have a rising 5th grader.  I'm on the ball this year (ha!), so I've done most of the hard thinking over curriculum choices. We started Memoria Press cores this year, so we're mostly sticking with those choices.

Bible: Christian Studies II with younger sis

Latin: First Form Latin (was hoping to do MPOA with her, but alas there was only enough $ for one child to do Latin with MPOA. Sigh.)

English: Rod and Staff 5

Math: Rod and Staff 5

Composition: 1st half of the year Classical Composition: Fable, 2nd half with CC Narrative

Spelling: Either Rod and Staff 5 or Spelling Workout or __?

History & Geography: Famous Men of Rome and Geography I from MP

Literature: 5th Grade Lit from MP with Poetry for Grammar Stage from MP

Science: Maybe Astronomy from MP?  I'm not sure yet.

Cursive: Still needs practice and modeling, though I'm not sure what to use at this point.

This is plenty for this very social girl who needs lots of time to roam and think her own thoughts. 🙂


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This has been a rough year. With all the time spent in hospitals, we lost a lot of momentum. 

Over the summer we're going to spend a lot of time on US geography and nature science, in preparation for a big national parks road trip in September. 

Math: Singapore 6. I went back and forth on this because most Singapore users don't do 6, but she's a year ahead anyway AND Singapore has been a perfect curriculum for her since preschool, so we're going to go for it. I suspect A and B will only take a semester, so we may launch into Pre-Algebra in the second semester. AOPs? I have no idea.

Language: Evan Moor Daily Language Review 6. We like this. She's been doing it since second grade. 

Literature: Outschool for 2 books if the teacher is teaching, 2 books tied into our history, and 2 books on their own, maybe done with The Arrow from bravewriter.

Writing: Bravewriter - Partnership Writing, Journaling

Science: Mystery Science

Spelling: If we do anything it might be Nessy Spelling. I might have given up though. 😫

History: Mom-designed American History II. We've done Native Americans and the frontier, so maybe the colonies. I won't know how far we'll get until I plan it out. 

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Math: AoPS pre-algebra

Logic: Blast Off w/Logic series plus some Mind Benders books.

Science: CPO Life Science

History: WTM ancients, using Kingfisher History Encyclopedia as our spine , reading lists from LIving Math U1; {I'm still looking for a good wall map/almanac and a globe - any recommendations?}

Latin: continue with Little Latin Readers, levels 2-4

Portuguese: We will start this at half-speed, using Bom Dia! text and workbook, with my Portuguese SIL as our tutor

Spelling: Spelling Workout E

Grammar: Grammar for the Well Trained Mind, purple book

Cursive: still needs more practice, so Zaner-Bloser 5, unless he makes great strides over the rest of this year.

Writing: Killgallon Sentence Composing & Paragraph Composing w/the obligatory narrations/summaries/outlines across the curriculum

Reading: assigned books from the WTM reading list plus whatever else he wants to read, he usually has several non-school books going at once

Art/music/tech: He wants piano lessons, plus DS23 has promised to teach him saxophone. I would like to find an online art course that DS9 & DS6 can do together. He would like a formal coding class, and needs a typing course. Anyone have a any good recommendations?

Sports: He plays fall soccer, winter basketball, and spring baseball. I would like to do a more structured "gym class" with the boys, but don't know how or what that would look like just yet.


That is a lot of stuff. Oh, my. Do I have to schedule and teach all that? Yikes!

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My oldest will start 5th grade in August! We're gonna stick with Memoria Press for most things - it'll be our second year with this curriculum.

Latin : latter 2/3 of Latina Christiana 

Grammar : Grammar for WTM at a slow pace, maybe 2 lessons a week

Composition : MP Classical Composition Narrative 

Spelling : Spelling Workout D 

Math : Math Mammoth books 5b and 6a

MP for Literature, History (Famous Men of Rome), Geography I, and Science (Book of Insects)

Religion: MP's Christian Studies II, Faith and Life book 5, Virtues in Practice year 3 - Love

Fine Arts: Artist/Picture Study, Music Appreciation, Piano lessons,

Cub Scouts : Webelos 2

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On 2/5/2019 at 8:27 PM, Noreen Claire said:

Portuguese: We will start this at half-speed, using Bom Dia! text and workbook, with my Portuguese SIL as our tutor

Could you please link this resource for me? We have been trying to find a European Portuguese and have come up empty.... We had a tutor for a while, but she isint available anymore.


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On 2/6/2019 at 4:52 AM, carriede said:

My oldest will start 5th grade in August! We're gonna stick with Memoria Press for most things - it'll be our second year with this curriculum.

Latin : latter 2/3 of Latina Christiana 

Grammar : Grammar for WTM at a slow pace, maybe 2 lessons a week

Composition : MP Classical Composition Narrative 

Spelling : Spelling Workout D 

Math : Math Mammoth books 5b and 6a

MP for Literature, History (Famous Men of Rome), Geography I, and Science (Book of Insects)

Religion: MP's Christian Studies II, Faith and Life book 5, Virtues in Practice year 3 - Love

Fine Arts: Artist/Picture Study, Music Appreciation, Piano lessons,

Cub Scouts : Webelos 2

Oh sorry! Didn't mean to edit your post.

I don't know if my post came through. I don't see it.

My children used dancing mat (free) and then moved on to typing club (free) which is different than typing . Com.  hth

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Next year will be more changes than we usually have between years.  All of Language arts will be new.  I'm kind of nervous about that.

LA: WWS1, Kolbe Elementary Literature, Fix-It Grammar (2 or 3, gotta see where he places after this year), R&S spelling 6 (he hasn't done formal spelling since 1st grade, and I want him to have a year to refresh all the rules before moving to the word study portion of the program),

Math: continue to MM7

Science:  continue with an allotted time to read a big stack of excellent trade books, possibly add junk drawer robotics if everything else is going well

History: continue with Story of Civilization 2 plus a bunch of great books on the side

Music: continue Hoffman Academy and Classics for Kids

Art:  combining with siblings to continue with HAS3

Memory:  he will have finished his first pass through Classically Catholic Memory!  For his second pass he will only have Great Words 2 and Latin.

Typing:  I feel like it's time to do this, but I don't have any ideas yet.



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Wow. Time is flying. I can't believe my oldest is in 5th grade!

Math: BA 5, math circle

LA: WWS 1, FLL 3 (I have slacked on grammar) or MCT town, AAS 4, BW Partnership (hopefully), W&R, a vocab hopefully

Science: still looking into it

History: Sotw 2 and 3

Others: gymnastics, HAS, track, classical for kids

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The youngest is in 5th!  YAY!

Mind Benders (not exactly logic, so I didn't label it as such lol) - because they're fun

Math: MUS Epsilon.  She's giving Beast Academy a try right now and hates it, so we'll keep moving forward with MUS.  

History: WTM style (Kingfisher history encyclopedia as a spine this year), ancients

LA: Fix It Grammar
      CAP Writing & Rhetoric
      Diagramming Level 1 from Critical thinking co

Science: Focus on Middle School Biology

Foreign Language:  I'm thinking Duolingo for Spanish

Reading lists from TWTM, history and LA sections

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My baby is going into the 5th grade!  We'll be living back in VA somewhere in the Tidewater area -- so some things might change (cost of housing, possible promotion for my dh, and a job for me all kinda pending at the moment).  But, here's where I am:

  • Reading:  CLE 5 + Audio Books 
  • English:  CLE Language Arts 5; Killgallon for Elementary School; Abeka Cursive 5
  • Math:  CLE 5 & Life of Fred &
  • Science:  Apologia Human Anatomy & Zoology 1
  • History:  World Geography; Virginia History (I have to find something for this)
  • Foreign Language:  Either LFC1 or Spanish 1 (I may find something live or online)
  • Music & Drawing
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On 2/5/2019 at 10:27 PM, Noreen Claire said:


Art/music/tech: He wants piano lessons, plus DS23 has promised to teach him saxophone. I would like to find an online art course that DS9 & DS6 can do together. He would like a formal coding class, and needs a typing course. Anyone have a any good recommendations?


I debated the typing course thing last year and ultimately just created a teacher account on typing.com - it’s free, it’s easy to access and my kids each have their own account.  We started in September and do it probably 3 days a week for maybe 15-20 min and they are both up to 36 words per minute and typing their own papers now (this is a 3rd and 4th grader, no previous computer experience). 


Anyway- I know typing.com isn’t a particular exciting answer 🤣 but I debated typing programs too and I found the free easy one to be effective 🙂

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Math: AoPS Academy Algebra I (which includes the Intro to Counting & Probability curriculum baked into the class), AoPS Online Intro to Number Theory

Science: Clover Creek Physics

Lit: Online G3 Lord of the Rings and 19th Century American Lit classes

Writing: Compacting Writing With Skill 1-3, test prep for the CHSPE

History: Medieval with Great Courses Plus and K12 Human Odyssey, Reading Like A Historian

Coding: AoPS Online Intermediate Python

Logic: CAP Art of Argument and Argument Builder

Foreign language: Russian with me

Enrichment: PE class, martial arts, and guitar


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Not since Kindergarten have I had a single over-arching goal for a school year, but as I have started thinking about 5th grade for dd, it has become apparent to me that next year will have a main focus, more or less, and that will be learning how to learn. Which is part of the impetus for homeschooling. I went to public school, and as long as I stayed awake in class and did the assignments, I made straight A's without much effort. That did not work in college. I want my kids to know how to learn.

Math - Continue with MEP, extra practice with Math Mammoth, as needed, and bits from Challenging Word Problems and Beast Academy each week. This is what has worked for the past two years, and I see no need to change a thing.

Spelling - Continue with AAS 5.

Logic - Basics of Critical Thinking, as suggested by WTM.

Science - BFSU, Vol. 2, continued.

History - History Odyssey - Ancients, Level 2. Dd is somewhat writing-resistant, although much better than she used to be. I imagine I will be altering the assignments to some degree, and having her type the longer ones. Through this curriculum, she'll be learning to use and encyclopedia to pick out information, how to outline, work on her summary skills, as well as writing. I  consider it a study skills course dressed up as ancient history.

Writing - Teaching Writing Through Guided Analysis aka Treasured Conversations. I have found that writing really helps me learn, so it's another take on learning how to learn. (I think it will also be a bit of learning how to teach, too!)

Latin - Getting Started With Latin, plus whatever early Latin readers I can find. This will be a study skills course, too. I found an excellent guide for organizing a foreign language notebook here.

Reading - This kid reads all the time, so I will just give her random literature suggested by WTM and Honey for a Child's Heart..



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5th grade, here we come!

Bible – MP Christian Studies 3
Composition – MP Classical Composition II: Narrative
Geography MP Geography 2
Grammar MP English Grammar Recitation 3
History – MP Famous Men of Middle Ages
Latin – MP Second Form Latin
Math – Math Mammoth 6; Beast Academy 4C-4D
Music – Piano Lessons


Literature – MP Adam of the Road; Door in the Wall; Robin Hood; King Arthur and His Knights

ScienceMP Birds; Tiner History of Medicine
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This is my baby and it's killing me that I only have 8 more years until they are all gone.  

Math-- Last year of Math Mammoth.  I changed my older daughter to Mastering Essential Math Skills for 6th grade and she likes it so much better than Math Mammoth, so I will do the same with this not math-loving kid.  We also supplement with Beast Academy and Reflex math.  She still struggles with some of the memorized facts, but gets most concepts really well.  

Geography-- Where in the World game.  They love it and it makes it easy for me.  We also play Stack the States and Stack the Countries.  

English-- MCT Grammar Town (We did Grammar Island this past year and it is so good and teaching basic grammar.)  Writing and Rhetoric 4, Editor in Chief for review, Sequential Spelling (which I highly recommend-- cheap and easy), Wordly Wise, and Reading Detective.  Tons of books that she reads alone, audio books, and read alouds.  

History-- Story of the World 2 in the car.  We add tons of medieval literature and biographies that are available.  This is my favorite subject, so we discuss current events and have discussions around the dinner table.  

Science-- We have loved A History of Science.  We also add some Anatomy Coloring,  different units about weather and such that I like to throw in.  Not my strong suit, but the history part is very appealing to me, so it works better for us.  

Spanish-- I love Rockalingua!!  I was/am a Spanish teacher and this website is so awesome.  I also use various materials that I have from my teaching days.  En Vivo is also a really good workbook.  

Chinese-- I need help with this!  She loves to learn it, but all I have right now is Duolingo.  Any recommendations?  I want to get her to know enough to use a tutor on italki.  

Choir, horseback riding, acting class, and piano as her extra-curriculars.  



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I need to submit math and LA educational plans this week, otherwise I'd be planning over the summer...

Math - Math Mammoth? We might give Teaching Textbooks a try?

Language Arts

Spelling - 

Grammar - Editor in Chief 1

Reading - 

Writing - Writing Strands 3? Writing & Rhetoric? WWE 4?

Vocab - Vocabulary From Classical Roots 4 & 5

Handwriting - Canadian Handwriting

Typing - Typesy? Epistory?

Group Subjects

Canadian History (Year 1 of 2)

Canadian Geography

Canadian Government

Mystery Science

Mr. Q Chemistry

Get Started With French/CAP French for Children/DuoLingo

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Here is the current (but ever-changing) plan:

Language Arts: MBTP 9-11, and MCT Town Level. I'll supplement writing with EIW 5 (just the second half, not the grammar) and/or Killgallon's Sentence Composing

Math: He's finished Singapore 6 and TT7 but I don't really want to move him on to a formal pre-algebra/algebra quite yet - So we are going to try doing Khan Academy for 20 minutes a day, and then a child-led exploration. I'm going to buy a variety of resources and let him choose what he'd like to work on. I'm thinking Beast Academy Online, Murderous Maths, TOPS Math, Patty Paper Geometry, Adventures of Penrose, Challenge Math, The Cryptoclub, etc.

Science & Social Studies: MBTP 9-11

Spanish: Senor Wooley, Homeschool Spanish Academy once a week, Duolingo.

Other activities: Hockey, Soccer, Rock climbing, Chess Club, Battle of the Books, Piano

Of course, this is a lot. But we'll experiment a bit and go with what works best.


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Many of the previous posts seem to be for academically strong and/or advanced 10 year olds. I thought I’d post ours which looks quite different. My DS will be 9 for the beginning of 5th. Our state’s cut off is Dec 31. He has a Nov birthday and I would have red shirted him had he gone to public school. For homeschooling it really doesn’t matter. We just keep moving forward. Academically he is not really doing much “5th grade” work but socially he fits better with older kids.  (He is nearly 5’ and has always ended up playing with kids several years older.) He is dyslexic and not quite reading fluently yet. His 5th grade year is a bit all over the place when it comes to the level of material that we’ll use. I’m fine with that. If we need to add a “high school prep” year between 8th and 9th we’ll do that but we don’t have to decide now. 

Bible/History/Geography/Science - MFW Exploring Countries and Cultures. He’ll be doing this with DD who will be in 7th. Up until now, DS has just “tagged along” with older sisters in these subjects and I haven’t required much more than just listening in. This year he won’t be just tagging along. He’ll be expected to fully participate. It’ll be a stretch for him but I think he’s ready. 

Math - Singapore. He’ll be finishing up 4B in the fall and then we’ll move into 5. We’ll just keep moving forward with that.

English - Learning Language Arts Through Literature Yellow. This is by far his weakest subject. We’ve spent the past few years working intensively on reading. He’s made a lot of progress but it is still a struggle. For this year I decided to switch to LLATL. It is a gentle program to begin with and we will be using it several grades behind. (I believe Yellow is 3rd grade.) This is where he’s at though so it’s ok. I’m expecting a big jump in ability sometime in the next year or two. (Reading just “clicked” for my 11yo this past winter. I’m guessing DS will be similar.)

Extras - karate, piano lessons taught by mom. He’s been asking for cello lessons but I’m not sure if we’ll try to add that this year or not. I’d like him to be a little further with piano first and my brother who was going to teach him cello just moved out of state. 


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My oldest will be 5th this year.  Wow!

Here are our plans:

Language Arts- MCT Voyage for grammar, writing, and poetics.  Not sure whether to include the vocab component, especially since seeing that Essay Voyage includes quite a bit of vocab, too.  Also R&S Spelling 5 and Spencerian handwriting.

Math- AOPS Prealgebra & Singapore 6 CWP.  My plan is to just intersperse the CWP in between AOPS chapters to give her a brain break.

History- OUP The World in Ancient Times. I have the books, but I’m really not sure how to implement them.  I’m also remembering all my earlier ideas for interesting things to do along with middle-level history, and I’m trying to decide if I’ll go nuts if I try to find time to incorporate those.  (I have three more elementary students after her.)

Geography- I have no idea.

Science- BFSU II.  Need to do a better job of getting this done this year.

Foreign Language- CLRC online intermediate Latin class.

Music- Piano lessons

Art- probably just using different media for an hour every week or two.

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