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6th Grade 2019-2020!


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Science: Chemistry & Physics but I'm not sure how this will happen yet. Maybe Mr. Q. I already have Masterbooks units on Matter, Chemistry, etc. and Nancy Larson Science Units. There will be experiments and hands-on. I signed her up for a semester long online class called Pre-Chemistry (Chemistry for middle school) with My Fun Science . If it works out well, she will take Pre-Physics in the spring. My DD  is VERY excited about this!

Welllllllll....plans have changed for Science. I looked over the syllabus for the online class very carefully and noticed that the teacher expects 3-5 page fully written lab reports for experiments (at least going by the example lab report he gave the students). These are the types of  in depth lab reports my DS does for his high school level science classes and not what I had intended for my rising 6th grade student. My goal is not to suck the life out of science for my starting middle school kid ; My Fun Science should be FUN!!!  So, I think I will go with Noeo Chemistry & Physics which have gentler, introductory lab report forms. I also have the Masterbooks booklets. I already have Level II of Noeo Chemistry and Physics, but my DD may be ready Level III so I will need to check that.  I can get a partial refund for the online class (75%).

< sigh>




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On February 11, 2019 at 11:21 AM, alisoncooks said:

So, tentatively:

Math: TT6

LA: CLE Rdg 5, A&P Spelling Spelling through Morphographs, AASEiW5  Treasured Conversations

History: Government/civics textbook world geography and cultures + state history 

Science: integrated grade level textbook maybe Exploration Education Bookshark Science 6 with her sister

Art/Spanish - idk

PE - 1x/week, outsourced


Updated in red above.  Everything has been purchased and finalized, LOL. This is my story and I'm sticking to it!

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Done! Letter of Intent has been mailed. DS12 has dyslexia/dyscalculia, so those areas take priority.  (That's also why I have multiple resources for those subjects; I do a lot of adapting and scaling.) 

Math:  MIF and continued one-on-one labs for numeracy (a la Ronit Bird, et.al.); maybe also Key to Fractions.

Spelling: Barton tutorials plus Megawords/Apples and Pears with siblings.

Grammar: EEL (at home)

Writing: creative writing in an online class; oral and written narrations; IEW in a mini-co-op if I go against my better judgment and join the mini-co-op. (It would be a good group but it IS NOT NECESSARY for my naturally gifted writer and will pull us away from our priorities.  But, he'd love the time with friends.  Sigh.)

Literature:  Possibly another mini-co-op; titles yet to be determined.

Fine Arts:  piano; SCM artist and composer studies; Shakespeare; MCT poetry + various poets

Science: Apologia Chem/Phys.

Logic: Countdown series

Latin: GSWL

CC Cycle 2 memory work (at home; second time through the material)

Bible: CBS (Daniel and Revelation)



ETA:  Oops.  Left out History.  We've done SOTW (1-4) in its entirety at least 2x, and he wants to do all four again.  Which I'm fine with, since we use the audios in the car and it's easy, but I'm also going to do as many Landmark read-alouds that we can do, and also Our Island Story. Geography will be covered by CC, and also the Draw series, plus maps as they pertain to SOTW and other read-alouds. 


ETA again: SilverMoon reminded me about Training Hearts Teaching Minds.  I love this one, but every year I've failed to stick it out beyond the first term.  Maybe with my littlest not being so very little now, I'll succeed.  

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Our fall schedule was looking overwhelming, so obvs I signed DS up for a chess club 45 minutes away. *sigh* (It won't happen if not enough people sign up, though. I'll find out in a week or so.) UPDATE: Too many people signed up, so he didn't get in. But the same group has a lot of other good stuff going on, of which we will partake many Fridays. But I might as well just embrace it: I always add too many things to start out, and then drop whatever is least good once we've started. I know this about myself.

Drum lessons are going well, so piano is probably not going to happen. I love that on percussion, you can almost launch right into your favorite music--no endless twinkles! Kiddo needs to spend more time on scout stuff. We're dropping the tutoring as soon as possible (read: Halloween) and will probably have to take a break from OT at the same time because the insurance will run out. Spanish class is once a week. PE is once a week just for September and October, and maybe I'll have him do archery or martial arts for Jan.-Feb.; track is in March if we sign up fast enough to get a spot.

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