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2nd grade planning 2019-2020

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Reading- CLE 2nd grade and Pathway readers, ETC 6-8, and maybe a few MP lit guides

Math- Miquon for sure, still thinking of either BA or Singapore as well

History- VP New Testament Greece and Rome  (you teach)

Science- God's Design for Heaven and Earth or Science in the Ancient world

Writing- WWE 2, HWT cursive

Grammar- FLL 2

Geography- Charts, Maps and Graphs C

Bible- VP Judges to Kings

Spelling- MP traditional spelling 1

Extras- Art With A Purpose 2, Memoria Art Cards, Memory verses from SCM, R&S music, CLP Nature Reader, R&S Health, piano, and Lots of read alouds

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Probably will change but...

Math: BA5

Writing: W&R Fable, Treasured Conversations

World History: A Mind in the Light D'Aularies Norse Myths, SOTW 2

Am. History: ??

Latin: SSL2 

Spanish: continue The Fun Spanish and online lessons

Science: The Elements, AIMS, Lentil, Astronomy?

Art: Drawing With Children, Artistic Pursuits

Music: piano lessons, music history?

Supplemental: Spelling Workout, Draw the World, Maps Charts Graphs D, CTC and Mindware books, Scratch workbooks

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READING- 20 minutes daily in beginning chapter books like Magic Treehouse and building up.  Plus read aloud and audio book above reading level.

WRITING- Eglish Lessons Through Literature 1, which includes light grammar instruction and copywork, 3x a week.  Free journaling 2x a week.

SPELLING- considering spellwell A and AA.  It's independent and she's a natural speller.

MATH- continuing Miquon with blue and above.

Morning meeting plus history/science with her siblings.  Next year will be SOTW 2, and Science in the Beginning.  She will do a daily drawing with oral narration with those. 

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phonics: will probably need to finish up the OPGTR, if it doesn't get done over the summer

handwriting: Zaner-Bloser 2C

grammar: FLL2

writing: WWE2

math: will offer both SM 2 and BA 2 and see which one he likes better; picture books from LivingMath U1

history: SOTW1 / read alouds from LivingMath U1

literature: read-alouds from the WTM recommendations (to go along with SOTW1), plenty of read alouds, and audiobooks 

science: life science (WTM recommendations)

(He's off a year in the science/history schedule because he's following along with DS9, who will be in 5th.)

misc: hopefully piano lessons; looking for an online art course to do along w/DS9; maybe gymnastics or a swim class?; coding?


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I love these planning posts! These may change..but this is what I have for now:

Math - CLE Math 4

Reading/Vocabulary - CLE Reading 4  (1/2 year of lessons) with a few novels with study guides/discussions for in between the light units

Grammar/Cursive - CLE Language Arts 3

Spelling - Spelling Plus Dictation / Spelling Power lists for new words

Writing -  Mix of WWE 3 and CAP Writing and Rhetoric Fable

Science - Real Science 4 Kids 3 (Building Blocks)

History - BiblioPlan Year 2 (to go along with CC Cycle 2)

Latin - Latina Cristiana 

Other stuff:  Piano lessons, Code Ninjas class, coding with Scratch,


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updated plan

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Math:  Plan to continue with Abeka workbook w/ some Rightstart, but he isn't very challenged now, so I may try to add to this.

Lang Arts:  Unsure, maybe FLL 1 & WWE 1, , maybe Cottage Press Primer 1, maybe something else.  Either of these will be less time than the current LOE.  I am researching grammar.

Reading:  Continue Pathway readers and Bookshark readers.  Will begin 1st CLE reader.

Spelling:  I don't know.  I cannot find a good spelling program.  I bought this child an Abeka Spelling 1 workbook to use along with LOE this year, and I like the workbook activities for him.  If level 2 is similar, I might continue with that.  It is painless for him and very independent, but I will test more consistently next year.  Cottage Press also has some built in spelling.

Science:  I think I will combine NOEO Physics 1 (already have) with Mystery Science.

History:  Undecided if I should continue on to SOTW 3 & MOH 3, or an American history program, like Bookshark.  I'm also pondering using the Winter Promise Children Around the World Geography curriculum I already have, and then just supplementing with other history reading.  I know my children would love this, but it is hard because I feel like it is missing history for a year, and we love history too.  Definitely won't have time for both.  I'm thinking of staging it also, like the geography all summer then starting history in fall and following typical school year.

Latin:  He has had little interest this year, but I know is getting a little during his sister's lessons.  I think he will enjoy the DVDs with Latin For Children A next year.

Spanish:  Continue private lessons.

Music:  Continue Suzuki Cello, and begin Suzuki piano

Art:  I just gained possession of Hillyer's "A Child's History of..." art, sculpture, and architecture.  I'm so excited to use these since I love A Child's History of the World.  It will be great to bring in more art history.  We will probably continue a little with Drawing for Children, but would like to try something else.  I may try getting out Artistic Pursuits again.  We liked it but didn't get far in it.

Sport:  Hockey

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Language - Continue AAR and AAS and HWT - Maybe start some Easy Grammar - for writing she will narrate to me about science and history and I will scribe it and she will copy it

Math - Continue MM and XtraMath

History - SotW 2 Medieval with booklist for buddy reading with me and some on her own

Science - misc Magic School bus videos and kits (Earth Sci & Physical Sci related topics)

Artistic Pursuits

Book of music activities with rhythm sticks and a xylophone

Once a week PE class

She will also have a very important course titled "Help Mom entertain the baby while she does school with your siblings" 🙃

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Dd6 will be my 3rd 2nd grader! I'll basically have her do what dd8 is doing right now. 

Math: finish Miquon (she'll probably only have the last book left by then), continue BA, maybe BA Online

Language Arts: WWE2 and maybe start CAP W&R. FLL 3. AAS 3.

Literature: reading list of my own design and audiobooks. 

History: unschooled, library, National Mythology Exam

Science: unschooled, library, kits, Mystery Science 

Piano: Hoffman Academy

Typing: Typing Club

Religion: read Book of Mormon individually, Come Follow Me New Testament as a family. 

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Bible: Picture Smart Bible, Proverbs study, memory verses

English: read to self, WWE2, Essentials in Spelling, first half of Beowulf Grammar, read alouds

Math: BA with some MM dark blue and RS math games

Science: Science in the Ancient World

History: SOTW2 and Monks and Mystics (a church history book)

Spanish: See it and Say it flip flop Spanish

Art: Drawing Textbook


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Bible/History/Science: MFW Adventures 

Grammar: FLL 2

Writing: WWE 2 and he'll keep working on cursive (Pentime)

Spelling: Rod & Staff Spelling by Sound and Structure 

Math: CLE 2, CWP and FAN math level 1

Reading aloud 20 to 30 minutes/day

He also attends a weekly homeschool enrichment program that teaches science, social studies, Spanish, PE, art, and music.

He plays baseball in the summer and wants to start violin lessons. 

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My current ideas for next year:

Language Arts: Either ELTL 1 or WWE 2 & FLL 2, AAS 2, various books for him to read and have read to him

Math: Singapore PM 2A & 2B

History: Fifty Famous People

Science: Encyclopedias plus hands-on projects

Faith Formation: Baltimore Catechism, Bible, saint stories, and a few more books

Spanish: La Clase Divertida 2 along with siblings


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On 2/5/2019 at 7:45 AM, MeaganS said:


History: unschooled, library, National Mythology Exam


I thought that was for 3rd grade and up? Or can any age do the exam? We will be learning Greek myths this upcoming year so it would be great if we could do the exam too! 

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18 minutes ago, lulalu said:

I thought that was for 3rd grade and up? Or can any age do the exam? We will be learning Greek myths this upcoming year so it would be great if we could do the exam too! 


It's my understanding that anyone can do it early, but I might be wrong. Dd8 will be studying for it (she'll be in 3rd) and I was planning on organizing a sort of mythology club with some other kids to make studying for it more fun. Dd6 is only 18mo younger and will be tagging along. 

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Still working on figuring things out here ... 1st grade was a bunch of surprises where she accelerated in some subjects, slowed down in others, and when my husband looked through the curriculum and her strengths/weaknesses, he offered some great suggestions so this will more than likely get adjusted. But so far ...

Math: Singapore Standards 1b & 2a. Right now fact memorization is a struggle despite her knowing the concepts and the ability to figure out answers just fine. So we'll keep moving forward and just review 0-20 facts from the 1a series. 

Language Arts: It was supposed to be Logic of English D. She is blowing through it like it's a joke. We were going to do ELTL a but my husband thinks it won't stick as much, and prefers a different layout for our children. 

  • Grammar: First Language Lessons 2 (Do FLL1 over the summer to get used to the program),
  • Writing: Writing With Ease 1, possibly 2 if she blows through it.
  • Spelling: Spelling Workout B. I really struggled between Rod and Staff Spelling and Spelling Workout but elected to let her pick just this one subject.
  • Reading: Reading will be done with Scott Foresman Reading Street 2, but additional literature will come from other subjects and interests. 

Health: Horizons Health 2. Still wants to be a Pediatrician when she grows up, so we will continue this course.

Geography: 180 Days of Geography 2. 

Social Studies: 180 Days of Social Studies 2.

Bible: For now, Calvary Curriculum with Read and Share Bible Stories. I don't get it, it is super easy, way below her abilities, yet it helps with remembering Bible stories and verses. I'm still trying to figure out how that is working. That means I'll need to figure out what to do next year. Far as I see, it's only a one-year thing and then repeats. Eventually we'll need to go more in depth.

History: Story of the World 2, eventually. We've combined Mystery of History along with Story of the World 1 last year and still have about 20 chapters to do. We're going slowly and doing a lot of projects. We have learned that Mystery of History isn't a hit here, but we'll finish out this year.

Science: Elemental Science: Earth Science and Astronomy for the Grammar Stage. I'm not sure when we'll hit this, since we are going to do Intro to Science with my rising Kindergartner, but it will be immediately following. 

Art: (Friday Only) Artistic Pursuits 2 after redoing The Way They See It with her younger sisters(K and toddler). Like Intro to Science, she doesn't mind reviewing it because of how enjoyable the year before was.

It looks like a butt ton of work, but with the exception of Math and any project/craft days she's doing, she blows through each subject within 10-15 minutes. I also imagine from here on out, History, Science, and Art will just be a continuous blend with all of the kids, no matter the age with variations of jumping back and forth between the highest grade and youngest grade. But we'll see, there's still two more behind my Kindergartner. Still learning this on the fly too. Also, almost all of these are open and go -- and with a baby coming late April/early May, then being forced into moving in June, then DH traveling for additional training on his job later in the year, it'll help with not needing to prep so much. And I think with the step back in many subjects to help the Kindergartner join in the fold, it'll ease some of the stresses of the 2nd grader and make school more fun which will (hopefully) set a good precedence for the year for my two girls. We'll see. 

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I have a 2nd/3rd wish grader next year (late August birthday).  I posted in the 3rd grade planning thread too because I honestly don't know what grade to call her.  The plan so far:

Morning Basket
Math - Beast Academy 3
ELA - LOE Essentials, PLL continued then start W&R Fable half way through the year, maybe MCT Island, literature from SOTW
History - SOTW 1
Science - mom's hodge podge of fun and interesting science 
Other - Artistic Pursuits, Violin, Soccer, Softball, Swimming, weekly one-hour co-op enrichment classes 

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Wow, you guys are really better organized than us. Here's what we have so far: 

Math: continue making up lessons and supplementing with Beast Academy/Math Kangaroo for puzzles. Not sure which BA, but probably we'll be into 3 or 4 by next year? 

Reading: whatever she feels like reading. She reads half the day, she's finished all the Roald Dahl and Ramona books as well as the first two books of Harry Potter. We kind of have trouble finding even vaguely age-appropriate reading matter... 

Writing: we'll keep doing projects she wants to do. So far, we went through a Handwriting Without Tears printing book (it was for grade 2, technically), and since then we've made an animal alphabet book, a joke and rhyme book, wrote many letters, and are currently writing down her research on cats. I imagine we'll keep going with that. 

Music: She's going to continue doing piano. She's been doing it for almost 2 years now and seems to enjoy it. She practices every day in the evening: my husband oversees it. 

Physical education: She'll keep taking swimming and we might do gymnastics if we find time in the schedule (there isn't any right now.) 

If we stay in NYC, we'll take a history class, otherwise, we'll probably continue just talking about things that come up in books for a year. Not sure if we're going to add any science in there or just keep talking about things. It's possible we'll take a science class at a coop nearby, but I don't exactly consider that education, more like social time. 

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Okay, I think I have an idea of where we're going to be next year. 

Math: SPM 2a/2b and I would like to start her on Beast Academy. We will probably be starting Singapore 2a by June, so I may do BA2a right after and see from there which program we want to focus on. 

Phonics/reading: She flew through AAR1 and is halfway through AAR2 set to finish by May. If she keeps up this pace I'll need 3 *and* 4 next year. That's expensive so I'd rather switch her to OPGTR because I don't think she needs the intensity of AAR, but she really loves it. So I'm still torn on which way to go after 2. Free (I already have it) and simple, or expensive and tedius but the kid loves it. 😕 

Spelling: SYS C

Writing: Copywork and narration in BYL

History: BYL 1

Science: Finish RSO Life (will be halfway through it by fall) and the science in BYL 1. 

Extra curriculars: Swimming lessons, Ninja/parkour, maybe theater. She hasn't decided for sure on theater, she's waiting until after the big performance this year. 

Other: I really do intend to start teaching her piano. For real this time 😳  Kiwi crate. Typing. Art and PE at co-op.


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I'm having a baby in September so my usual eclectic ways are going to have to take a break.

We are ordering MFW Adventures so that will take care of a large chunk of our curriculum... hubby will be taking over some of the schooling and I (he) need something open and go. 

DS will be 8 this summer.

Bible, Hx, Copywork, Art, Music Appreciation, Read Alouds, Book Basket : MFW

Science: MFW and probably will order 6 months of Steve Spangler Kits We're enjoying Kiwi right now so I'm fine with continuing with that instead if he prefers. 

Math: I'm still up in the air... trying to decide if I'm going to go on to RS C or move over to Singapore 1B... If I finish RS C I can move into Singapore 3 but not sure I want to make the effort. 

Reading and Spelling: AAR 3 and AAS 1 

LA: we're giving LLfT a try... copywork, poetry memory, grammar, picture study, etc.

Cursive: are currently using MP American Cursive, don't love it, although he's working diligently... are going to give Print to Cursive Proverbs a try. 

Extra: Mazes, Mind Benders, Allegories, Balance Benders, Building Thinking Skills. 
We're hoping to start piano lessons, ukulele was a bust this year... his fingers hurt too much.
Woodworking with Daddy, I'd love to do some sewing with him but I have a feeling I'll be a bit too preoccupied.... 
He'll do a month of swim lessons in the fall just to work on skills, he's an excellent swimmer and goes with dad 2x a week regularly.
We have a co-op where he does mostly extracurricular stuff (like PE, Legos Challenges, etc.) - 9 weeks in the fall and 10 weeks in the spring. 
And we are getting involved with a Wild and Free group so are going to try to do at least one nature walk or outing with them per month. 

oh and Foreign Language: continue reading Swedish books and figure out Spanish... Latin was no fun this year and he wants to learn Spanish... thinking Duolingo, but open to suggestions! I wish I could run away to Costa Rica for a year, he'd pick it up then, ha! 

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I think we are ready to finish up 1st in May and get 2nd rolling in July!

Art – MP Art Cards, MP Craft Book
Bible – MP Christian Studies Enrichment
Handwriting – MP Composition, Cursive
History – SOTWv3 audio CDs in car
Languages – MP Prima Latina 
Literature – MP Second Grade
Math – Math Mammoth 2
Music – Piano Lessons
Science – Berean Builders Science in the Beginning
Spelling – MP Traditional Spelling 1

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Second time around with a second grader! I love this age. This will be for DD7.

Religion: Our Holy Faith Book 3 for catechism; Bible memory

Math: We started Ella Frances Lynch's arithmetic lessons a couple of weeks ago and will just keep going with them.

Latin: Meus Primus Libellus Latinus + total physical recall exercises

English Language Arts: Webster's Speller + EFL's language lesson guidelines; supplement w/ CHC Little Folks series & Free-Treadwell readers for extra reading practice.

Russian Language Arts: Finish 1st reader and start on 2nd, follow EFL's language guidelines for everything else.

Home Ec: Pearables Lessons in Responsibility for Girls (very loosely)

Nature walks & observation lessons, self-directed drawing, read alouds and audiobooks.

Piano lessons

Co-op days: Private Eye activities, crafts, choir, field trips, Atrium, and probably some sort of history

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Forgot the Latin! and Webster's!

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Science....Mystery Science and Considering God's Creation

History...Story of the World

Spelling...Spelling Workout 

Math....up in the air about this...I have Beast Academy so I would like to try it. But if that does not work out, it will likely be either Singapore Math Is Edition or BJU Math.


Writing....also up in the air. I might just do my own thing.

Latin...Getting Started with Latin

Also, she seems to enjoy MCP Maps, Charts, and Graphs so we might do that. 

We also will be doing things like nature classes, art classes, and gymnastics.

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