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Help me find this graphic novel - about WW2, Holocaust, **NOT MAUS**

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My son is looking for a graphic novel he read from our local library, but it honestly doesn't seem to exist. I have a vague memory of the book as well, or I would have written it off after spending many Google searches looking for it. 

He remembers it being called "Jude," about the Holocaust/WW2. Recent-ish publication (past 5 years?). 

It is not "Maus", nor "Hidden." We are pretty sure it is called "Jude," but are willing to believe that the book has another title and the cover had the word "Jude" prominently. Possibly Juden. 

I've sent an email to our children's librarian, but she isn't in until Wednesday.

We do not have the library collect our checkout history, so that's not an option. 

Thanks for your input, Hive!

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