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I hate writing grant proposals


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That's all. I have to write one to wring a relatively small amount of money ($500) from a committee that has many hundreds of thousands to play with - never awards more than they earn in interest annually and usually quite a bit less so the whole thing keeps growing - and are some of the most tightfisted scrooges ever.

This is for a children's choir for sashes, cummerbunds, and programs for their concert, and it will all remain property of the organization so it isn't like it is some sort of personal gift to the kids. Parents are donating all of the refreshments for the after-concert reception and this program is supposed to be entirely free due to being in a low median income area. I am totally opposed to asking parents to buy the items because some of my parents are counting pennies these days. Their children enrolled in this extracurricular because it was totally free, and they couldn't afford anything else. And yes, I do know that it isn't necessary for them to have these things, they are just nice additions that make the program more professional, and even the poorest of local school districts have tuxes and dresses for their choirs. My kids are having to wear black from the waist down, white from the waist up so again, not asking for much.  I'm just being grumpy because I don't think it is too much to ask of the endowment committee. It's also February, the hated month for every educator, director, and conductor in the land.

That's the worst thing about having a community arts program based job. Groveling gets old.

Oh well, I guess I should don my sack cloth and ashes for the meeting, and be prepared to kiss toes.

If you hate grant writing, please feel free to commiserate here.

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