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Who's going to tackle Friday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Good morning!  The dog has been waking me up every night around 2 am to go out (he is getting old).  Today he kindly let me sleep till 4....got my mind on so many move related things that I can't go back to sleep.  I cannot believe that two weeks from yesterday the packers will be here, and two weeks from today the movers will be loading our truck.  Yikes.

-heartworm pill for the canine alarm clock
-register for co-op open house in SC

-get DS14 situated for school
-register for online math for DS14
-call pool company again because something STILL isn't right with the repair they made
-work (the kids were out of control yesterday, I cannot imagine today being much better)
-go to ATM to get cash for the bday party DS14 is going to tomorrow
-come home, kick off shoes, read and relax

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Good morning!

I hope everyone is doing well! I've had a super busy and stressful week. I didn't feel like being on the computer much nor did I have much time for it. 

Co-op is today and is my main to do thing. My big sister is coming to attend our church's missions conference, so I'm excited about that!

I hope you all have a great weekend!

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Good morning!

So glad the polar vortex is done and gone! It is -6F, which feels like a tropical beach vacation compared to the last few days. I am pretty thrilled to be back to my normal chore schedule instead of the extra heavy workload of this past week.

  • school w/dd
  • Heartgard (thanks, Pink and Green!)
  • let my obnoxious dogs out to play when it warms up a little more (they've been bouncing off the walls during this cold spell)
  • let horses out in pasture
  • fill water tank
  • go through pantry and freezer & make menu plan & shopping list
  • errands (post office, bank, get gas, pick up food at vet's)
  • get groceries
  • pick up Japanese food for dinner
  • read, relax, watch hockey, be a lazy slug tonight


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Good morning! dd2 is running late and will probably forget something that I will have to bring over- Conference prelims are today, but as of right now, I am not planning to go.

Tons of stuff to get done today and ds3 has a big baking project.

  • coffee/paper
  • get dd2 off to school with minimum fuss
  • write
  • school with ds3
  • chores-bathrooms, dust, vacuum
  • baking project
  • jen things
  • ds3 to tennis
  • clean kitchen
  • pick up ds3
  • figure out something for dinner

Have a great day!

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February looked calm and then, whammo, I am crazy busy! Feeling stressed with no wiggle room in our schedule.

  • Ds to tutorial, swim and my mom's
  • School with Dd
  • Clean out the playroom at my mom's
  • library
  • laundry
  • Dd to church for a service project
  • Deskwork - budget, taxes etc
  • Tag for consignment!
  • Watch The Hollow Crown?  too tired


No dinner to make because my people will all be elsewhere. 

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3 minutes ago, Jean in Newcastle said:

Good morning.  I did not want to get out of bed this morning - but the stupid animals needed to be pottied and fed etc.  I love my animals but sometimes I love my bed more.  But I got up - grudgingly.

Jean, this is pretty much the story of my life. First it was kids dragging me out of bed in the morning, now it's animals.:happy:

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Went to farther away coffee shop for coffee shop school. 

Made order. Discovered that I didn’t have my purse. Barista saved my order while I ran out to the car for my purse. Purse wasn’t there. 

Ran back inside to ask dd for her card so that we could pay the bill. Barista thanked me for being honest and paying. Apparently some  people pick up the order and don’t come back to pay. 

Algebra done  and graded 

geometry done and graded 

world history done and graded 

literature done and graded 

Japanese done and graded 

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Hi guys.

I'll start by saying I had a really productive day yesterday.  I went to bed about 2am.  I was supposed to get my kid up at 5am to do homework.

Well ... I hardly had any sleep the night before, and so my many alarms did not wake me up until 7am.  Oops.  😕

So I got my kids up and helped with the homework and then drove the one kid to school.  We got 3 things done, which may not have been enough, but ... as much as I felt bad getting up late, it was her fault she didn't finish her homework before midnight last night, considering she had 2 snow days.  😕

Well anyway.  I didn't even think about taking a nap today.  But I did procrastinate a lot.  Still hoping to get some stuff out.

Kid has a basketball game for which we need to leave at 6:45.

Then kid wants to go to the movies for dinner.

That's about it, I guess ....

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I tagged a mountain of stuff for consignment tonight while listening to a couple of podcasts. Toys are done. Clothes are to-do over the next week. Feeling very de-cluttered here! 

I enjoyed a few hours at home by myself, but now I am missing my family. Can't watch the movie b/c dd wants to see it too and she's not back yet.  Next up: hot tea and a book. 


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