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Any one in Las Vegas willing to give advice to an asthmatic moving there?


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Just found out that DD20 and her husband are likely moving to Nellis AFB outside of Las Vegas. She has severe asthma (controlled with high dose inhalers), while currently living in the PNW.  I am wondering if it is going to be a nightmare for her with the air quality.  She will have A/C and most likely a whole house HEPA (at minimum a portable one that cleans the appropriate square footage). What I am finding online doesn't look good for air quality :0( any BTDT?

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46 minutes ago, Plum Crazy said:

None of us have asthma or allergies, so this is all going off of what I've read over the years and purely anecdotal. 

Vegas used to be the place to be for people with allergies. Then people brought their non-native plants and trees and caused some problems.  Certain flowering olive trees and mulberry trees are now banned, but some still remain. Now the population growth has caused air quality issues as Vegas is basically a valley with mountains on all sides.

It's a dry heat, except during monsoon season in the summer. That's when we get thunder storms and humidity. The weather changes with wind and it gets windy. Ragweed is a problem. They have upgraded the smoking laws so that at least people can't smoke in grocery stores and other places of employment. So unless they go into a casino or bar, they shouldn't encounter smoking. 

If I had to work at Nellis, I'd live up in the NW side of town, Centennial area along the 215. It's a newer area, but lower cost because it is so far away from the strip. That side of the 215 is not that busy and fairly new. 

We live near the open desert on the west side. We get some fine dust inside, but we should probably replace our weather stripping on the doors and we get a lot of ATV and dune buggie riders out where we are. I don't think our air quality is as bad as near the center of the city. 

I found these articles: 




Thank you so much!!! I will forward this to her :0) I had read some of the article ranking worst cities, and it got me a bit worried for her. It is always hard to know what to expect until you get somewhere, but it is nice to be prepared when looking at housing.  They will definitely be better off with a newer house and newer heating system, than an old house that can be full of dust/mildew and old pet dander. To me, newer houses generally seem easier to clean and keep dust free.

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