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Jean in Newcastle

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I am the director of a non-profit.  We're thinking of setting up a Paypal donate button on our website.  It comes with a fee for each transaction.  The question I have (the answer to which is not showing up on Paypal's website as far as I can see) is if the transaction fee is disclosed to donors when they donate?  Do any of you know?  Have you set one up or have you donated to a non-profit?  The goal here is wanting to maximize donations - some people want to know exactly how much of their donation goes to us and how much goes to Paypal.  If they are told automatically through Paypal we won't have to go the extra step of spelling it out.  (Not a huge issue but I still would like to know the answer.) 

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I think there is an exemption to the fee for charities.  Have you asked about that?

You can always tell your donors (as part of the promotion materials) that there is a fee and you would appreciate people donating to help cover the fee.  I have seen other charities add an optional checkbox to cover costs.

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