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Anyone used and would recomment Rod and Staff's reading 5-9?


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17 hours ago, bnwhitaker said:

Anyone like this program in the older years?  I don't feel like I hear anyone mention it?  

I would say it isn't commonly used *here* because it doesn't use works written by anyone except Mennonite authors (and Bible).

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Agreeing with Ellie. I own them all but I do not use them as a reading program. I do use the 9th grade book for some of the short stories, literary elements and poetry for high school. The selections aren't easy reading (in terms of both vocabulary and content). The higher level ones get more and more into Mennonite history and there's lots about martyrs and such. That's not a bad thing, but if you aren't Mennonite, it might not be a good fit. I will say that the stories are very wholesome and there's some really nice poetry. There are a few famous authors included (for example: an excerpt from Uncle Tom's Cabin, and a letter written by Abe Lincoln) but most of it is Mennonite authors.

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