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[UPDATE - Dagny it ... isn't (oops!) and yet more pictures] -- Help me name our new kitten

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I guess because this old thread was bumped, I must update everyone to say .... Dagny didn't stick.  We tried it for a week, but it never felt all the way right.  We tossed around numerous other names for another week, and finally, it came to me (and everyone liked it) - Midge.  She's definitely Midge. The name is unofficially short for Margaret Ann Elizabeth Jane, from which I know it's difficult to pull the nickname Midge; the longer moniker is more of a laughing-at-myself reference to how I don't like using actual people names for pets.  Midge is used rarely enough on a human baby that it doesn't count as a people name; but Margaret and Ann and Elizabeth and Jane do count.  I went overboard the other way.  

Photos: (1) Her official kitten portrait (ha), (2) She likes to be comfortable when sleeping (is that comfortable?!), and (3) She loves exploring anything and everything. 


Cat - Midge-2 2.11.19.JPG

Cat - Midge-6 2.26.19.JPG


Cat - Midge-7 2.26.19.JPG

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Midge is good, too. We had twin kittens we were thinking about naming Midge and Molly. And then one turned out to be a boy. So we named them Cooper and Cleo. Then Cooper ran away. Now we just have Cleo. And last year we got her nieces - Misty and Lilly.

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