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Typing instruction for a 14 yo boy

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The QWERTY keyboard is still in use, so I say go with what you know to work. 

My main recommendation is to use electric tape to cover the keys as he progresses through the program. He'll internalize the keyboard and master touch typing much faster this way.


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On 1/26/2019 at 11:05 AM, Annie Elle said:

I’m looking for recommendations to teach my youngest to type. I used Typing Instructor Platium years ago for my older two but am wondering if there isn’t something better now. Thanks 😀


I Still like that.  


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I think they call that "Keyboarding" now?   I would go with Free if possible.

Some years ago, I was interested in DD taking the Keyboarding course from TTUISD but as I recall the CD or DVD or whatever was about $160 USD at that time (I don't remember if that was on Amazon USA or on the web site of the company that made the course)  and we are overseas.  I was afraid that it might arrive and be defective and we would not be able to return it.  She didn't take that course, for that reason...

I believe whether one calls it Typing or Keyboarding, it is good to have the best skills one can have as this is now a requirement with everyone being on a computer every day.

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