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Who's going to tackle Saturday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Good morning!

  • tidy up the house a little & get back to work on decluttering
  • ds20 is bringing friends over to work on the engine he is rebuilding, so need to get some food for them & get the garage heaters going
  • do a little kitchen work
  • replenish bedding in stalls, make sure horses have plenty of food all day long 
  • leave a scoop of grain for the bunny that lives under the hayshed (it is brutal cold and there is a foot of snow on the ground, so I  worry about him finding food)
  • remember to send groceries back up to school for the boys
  • take a sauna
  • catch up on reading
  • dinner: vegetable biryani
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Good morning! Today is a day at home- finally! I have a ton of chores and other things I would like to get done. 

  • coffee/paper
  • laundry (started)
  • write
  • bathrooms
  • dust/vacuum
  • clean kitchen
  • get to the library 
  • read a little
  • quilt
  • ds3 to tennis 
  • leftovers for dinner

Have a great day!


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Still sick, but a little better maybe????

  • Go to 4 open houses today and one tomorrow (houses for sale)
  • Take a load to storage, including oldest son's huge chair and ottoman that takes up half his room but he wants to keep
  • Pack up more of the kitchen (plan to use a hard sided plastic tub for dishes so that they are better protected and should be easier to pack up)

That is prob all I can muster today.

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Good afternoon! Today got off to a quick start and this is the first chance I've had to think.

Breakfast meeting
Called mom
Dd and friends to another friend's
Aldi and put groceries away
Played with the silly dog - oh, how he loves a squeak toy!
Decided to make stir fry for dinner. Rice is cooking.
Snack and enjoy the quiet while I'm the only person here
Cleaned out my inbox

Next up:
Enter huge pile of receipts into the budget
cook dinner  
church prep  
watch a movie, read or listen to a podcast


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I spent a couple hours reading in bed this afternoon. It was awesome. I hardly ever do that, but after a long, busy week with many hours spent working out in the cold, it was so nice to be warm and cozy.

Ds20 and friends were on their way down and decided to turn back because it was snowing so hard. We got about 3-4" with another 8" expected tomorrow.

Horse chores are done & we're about to eat dinner.

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Howdy.  It's been a busy day, but not much for working.

  • Got up about 7am to get the kids going on their activities.
  • Kid 2 to horse riding about 8am.
  • Kid 1 to basketball game (tournament game 2).  Win!
  • Kid got hit in the face with the basketball and broke her glasses.
  • Kid 1 to optometrist (we needed to go anyway).  They couldn't patch up the broken glasses, but we ordered the new prescription frames.
  • Walgreens - super glue.  PSA - super glue does not work on glasses frames.  It does however stick nicely on glass lenses.
  • Backup plan 1 - packing tape.  This did work.
  • Backup plan 2 - found, re-assembled, and packed old glasses in case the packing tape gave out.
  • Pick up kid 2 from horse riding.
  • Drop off kid 2's library books.
  • Kid 1 back to tournament for game 3 (loss and done - one of our best players [we only have 6 players] got injured early in the game).
  • Got gas, got the mail.
  • Cleaned out my car, mostly.
  • Finished the laundry, except 1 load is still in the dryer.
  • Various housework.
  • A little reading.
  • Helped the kids with their homework, music practice.
  • Caught up on social media, news, emails ....
  • Probably some other stuff.


Want to do still:

  • Some educational videos with the kids.
  • Bills.
  • Sign kids up for summer camps.
  • However much work I can manage.
  • Sleep!


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We were watching Sgt. York when the movie just stopped playing. Old dvd from the library, so not surprising, but frustrating just the same. Put it at the top of our netflix queue, but we won't get it til next week. (No streaming.)

Got kkds and the dog settled for bed.

Time to read. 



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