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2019-2020 11th grade planning

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I keep seeing this thread pop up to the top of the list and it just reminds me that I posted in late January with absolutely no idea what we were doing for ds's junior year... and here it is near the end of March, and we still have no idea what we're doing for ds's junior year! 😄

I do have a meeting tomorrow with someone who will likely bring a lot of clarity to the picture which will help me immensely and help give ds and me a solid direction.


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My 11th grade ds will do dual enrollment of 



Research and Rhetoric

History of World Civ

Intercultural study of Ireland with a trip at the end

fitness and fist aid


intro to psychology

TPS online ACT prep 

Chinese at home with me

piano at home




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animal behavior (Online)

Hamilclass (8 week session on the history behind the musical “Hamilton”-online)

Late July/August:

Summer college program-European History and CulturalAnthropology 101.

At CC 

college algebra And Trigonometry (Fall)

African American Literature (Fall)

American Government (Fall)

At home/online

cognitive Science (Full year)

neuroscience (Fall)

New Zealand zoology, ecology, and biogeography (Fall)

piano and theory (full year)

cheer team (Full year)

Conversational Spanish/Spanish 4 (full year)

teach Herpetology, attend and (hopefully) present at the World Congress of Herpetology



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On 1/26/2019 at 10:22 AM, mirabillis said:

I have a rising senior (say what???!?!?!? where did the time go!?)

but if this helps anyone, here is our current 11th grade schedule:

Math - AP Calc AB - Derek Owens - LOVES it
Eng - AP Eng Lang - PAH (Walker) great class though he's not my Eng guy
Sci - H Physics - Derek Owens - LOVES it
Hist - AP Comparative Govt - PAH - great class
Lang - Span 3 (HSA)
elec - AP Stats (Edhesive) - learning a ton!

Thank you for sharing this! We have AP Calc AB and Honors Physics through Derek Owens on our list for next year for 11th grade. Good to know someone loves it! Did you find that keeping on pace to finish in a year was difficult? We did DO for Precalc this year and my son got behind (he had robotics, which is super time consuming). He is now trying to catch up so he can finish by mid-June.

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On 1/25/2019 at 8:52 PM, GeoKitty said:

DS will be 11th next year. It sounds crazy....  so far the plan is

Teaching textbooks Precalculus 

Government.... 1/2 credit. probably use some Hillsdale College classes.   I have Notgrass Government book too

Economics ... 1/2 credit. Hillsdale College class.  And I have borrowed a high school level book in case the College class is too hard.

English. ... either an actual program.  Or write for government and economics, as well as literature we select.  SAT prep. Possibly Easy Grammar 11 since Grammar is a weakness.  Hoping for a co-op literature class.  

science.... Apologia Physics 

Spanish 2.   Just switched to Easy Peasy for Spanish 1, so will continue with it if it goes well.  Plus, a 2-hour once a week conversational class.

music..... his passion

some other elective.   Maybe criminal justice or forensics.  Or more history.  Personal finance. 

So, this has completely changed!  DS has decided to Dual Enroll.

so for summer and fall....

Managing your success (required 3.0 credit class)

Composition 1

Spanish 1

American Federal Government 

When he registers for the Spring, it will probably be Spanish 2, Composition 2, a math class, and economics or science. 


Question: since he won’t have math until the spring, should we continue with our math program at home until then? Or focus on SAT math (and English) prep?  Thank you!

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So we are jumping into DE full time!  Fall classes are:

Writing 1 on campus

Public Speaking on campus

Government  all high schoolers, online 

Art  online

At home: finish Saxon math, possibly LoF PreCalc?  Maybe Personal Finance if there is time.

2nd semester, who knows!  Thinking writing 2, history, psychology, maybe math or science.  

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I'm just posting a new update....we've learned a lot this year and changed and worked through a lot of dd has had a major year of growth and also overcame some devastating setbacks as well as major health issues, had to find an entirely new friend set and new hobbies...let that be a warning to try not to let one thing take over your kids' teen lives...


CO-OP (paid certified teachers)

British Lit, Algebra 2, Government/Econ, Chemistry, ASL 3, Student Government, maybe sports/games

Full year of Piano for Fine Arts requirement (she took it before for several years and likes it and does well), this will include theory and ear training for a full music credit.

She has an awesome summer job, and will continue into the school year a bit with that, and she will run her book club again which is going really well...and will probably volunteer at the library too. 🙂

We are so excited that she has found a new place and hobby, so thankful for our amazing co-op, and gotten to the other side of a trying year!

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My 11th grade dd will be full time DE next year...

Fall semester:

Engish Comp 1

Physical Geography

Critical Thinking (Honors)

Plant Science Lab 


Spring semester:

Precalculus or College Algebra - she should take precalc, but it looks like scheduling might be an issue. She'd be happy to have an easy math class and call it done...

Great Books (Honors)

Cultural Geography

Animal Science

Life Science Chemistry - only if we think she can handle the workload. We'll decide that close to the end of the first semester.


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We skipped DD(15) ahead her freshman year.  It makes her a junior this coming year!  This is going too fast!!

Current plans:

CC dual enrolled:
First Semester
Environmental Science 
Comp I

Second Semester
Comp II
Spanish II 

Homeschool (group) class:
Chemistry (Discovering Design with Chemistry)

At home:
US History and Government (Biblioplan Year 3)
Algebra II and 1/2 credit Geometry (Shormann's new program)
SAT/ACT prep (Panda Prep & Blue book - mostly over the summer)
Worldview: Summit

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On 2/22/2019 at 6:27 PM, Zoo Keeper said:

Next year's 11th grader...

Algebra 2:  either Lial's (since I have it) or Holt (since I have it) or MUS (if I can find it for a decent price).

Science: Conceptual Physics using Hewitt's text, mom taught

History/LIt:  either my mish mash of SL 300 (20th Century) and Ambleside Onine's Year 11 that his older brother is doing this year, OR a World History part one/Lit couse using ? as a spine and reading Illiad, Odyssey, Sophocles, and other stuff through Medieval times.  I'll also add in Reading Like a Historian. 

Writing across history and lit, and Abeka's Spelling/Vocab/Poetry (which is really more vocab and word study than anything else).

Architectural Design at local high school

Digital Photography at local high school

edit-- he has applied to do 1/2 day of work (either welding or diesel tech) at a local tech school; if he is accepted there, that will change some things....

Cross Country at local high school

SAT prep




Just quoting myself because it is easier than typing it again...

He did get accepted at the tech school (insert happy dance here!) 🙂 ; he'll be doing 1/2 days there and then algebra 2, conceptual physics, world history, and lit at home with me.  Trying to figure out how to streamline our time together at home, because the stuff for the tech school will be step up for him, time and focus wise. A good step, but I know that means I'll have to do a little less in some subjects than I really want to. 

Still doing Cross Country at local high school, and SAT prep.

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On 2/6/2019 at 4:07 PM, chiguirre said:

I just signed up for T's junior year classes at MPOA:


Latin III: Cicero

Material Logic/Classical Rhetoric

The Divine Comedy

Austen & Shakespeare

She'll take Calc and either American history or government at the CC.

She was admitted to UDallas' Summer Latin Program so she'll be doing a reading class with them in Rome this summer. She's so excited!

As always, scheduling realities changed this a bit. She had to drop Austen/Shakespeare and do AP European History at MPOA. She's going to take Calc and Honors Physical Geology at the CC. I'm psyched that we finally managed to get the Honors College to answer their email (they were changing staff and moving) and that she's now enrolled with them and can take honors classes. Of course, Honors Am History and Honors Govt both conflicted with the only in person Calc 1. (Seriously? They must know most honors students will take the calculus sequence. Couldn't they plan a little better?) In order to be able to finish the core requirements at the CC, T will have to take regular American history during the first summer session this year. Scheduling is a bit like whack-a-mole but I managed to bean each and every one of the furry critters for the MPOA diploma. Next year she can take any two classes, any schedule that fits around the CC, and we're done. As for the CC's requirements, if worse comes to worst, she can take some classes online because there are always more sections than the in person classes and you can enroll in a different campus' classes if absolutely necessary. I can understand why so many DE students don't manage to finish up all the core or AA requirements before graduating. It's like a jenga tower and it's easy to make a mistake early in the process that means you can't fit all the required classes in your schedule your senior year. 

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Here's what we've got for an artsy dd:

Math -- Financial Principles (Dave Ramsey workbook & DVDs, co-op class, outside reading) -- she's finishing MUS Alg. 2 this year

Science -- Health (Abeka + co-op class, outside reading) - already done with Bio & Chem will last into this summer.

History -- US history @ home, probably using K12's American Odyssey

English -- HSLDA online English class

Foreign Language -- Spanish 1 & 2 @ CC; taking Spanish 1 in the fall with a friend so they can study together. Hoping the background in latin will help with grammar and vocab.

PE -- Still need to do 1 semester, may take it @ CC in the winter semester

Bible -- Still need to do 1 semester, will probably work through a catechism of some kind.

Other -- Get her license!!!

We're expecting that most of her senior year will be at community college.

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