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Who's going to tackle Monday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Jean, you have to make decisions based on how you feel.  Rest if you need to.

I have the day off for MLK day, so we are working feverishly.  Today is going to be busy:

  • Painter coming at 9am, DH will go buy paint as soon as he tells us what we need- 
  • Take everything out of the upstairs garage so painter and paint ceiling, and we can go through stuff better, pack a few boxes from there to go to storage/throw out garbage  
  • Contractor also coming at 9am and he will be working in our bedroom, so I need to get a shower here in a minute  
  • All office furniture has been moved to the living room so the painter can paint, but in doing so, we have decided to get rid of 90% of it as it is older and falling apart, SO
  • Run to Goodwill to donate some furniture-  
  • Run to the dump to get rid of some furniture AND yard debris from the weekend clean up outside (and DH will go through garage for more to take).....phooey, dump is closed today for MLK
  • Run to storage unit with a load- ARGH! The lights on our trailer went out, so we can't take a load in the dark......SO CLOSE to  
  • Grocery shopping because we are out of a lot of things- 
  • Clean up kitchen better, maybe pack a box or two of dishes/items and get down to bare bones for better cabinet cleaning and showing- 
  • Realtor is coming at 3pm for a walkthrough and to tell us what else needs to be done, and we are going to see a house at 4pm  

We may have to hire a landscaper.  Our friend came up but was not able to stay the entire time we thought he could, so we need to find someone to finish up the job and maybe plant some things.  Or we may need to buy some nice potted things for the porch in a couple of weeks to make it look more inviting.

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Good morning!

Bitter cold here this morning and another storm is on its way. Dh's truck won't start again, after supposedly getting fixed last week, so back to the shop it goes.

Our house is going to be much quieter today after the boys leave (sniff, sniff 😥) but they are already talking about coming back down over the weekend. Ds20 is rebuilding an engine in our garage and wants to work on it as much as he can in his spare time.

  • school w/dd
  • tidy up house & do a little decluttering
  • dust and vacuum main floor
  • wash boys' sheets and blankets
  • take wreaths off front doors (keep forgetting to do this)
  • text farrier
  • do some work in the kitchen (make salad & cut up vegetables, make almond milk & hibiscus tea)
  • dinner: cabbage fried rice
  • read & relax tonight
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Cold, sunny morning here. Insomnia after about 4 am and a crick in my neck, so a bit weary. Coffee and my Happy Light help though. Regular Monday here.


Ds to/from swimming.

Walmart for a few household supplies like laundry detergent.  


Call mom.

Dinner is chx chili. It's already on the stove.  

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Good morning! I got back from a very fun weekend with dd1 and dmil. I just can't believe that dd1 is graduating already-years with her have flown by. Ds1 is still at the tournament, dh flew out to meet him and it has been (as they all are) up and down, but he is playing well and playing RIGHT now according to dh. dd2 managed the house and the schedule well on her own and had a great time at her meets.

So back to the mostly normal routine... at least today is a vacation day and I can catch up with things.

  • coffee
  • laundry
  • put away some boxes (baking stuff for ds3)
  • get a box ready to mail to ds2
  • hair cut for me
  • general clean up (but dd2 did a good job)
  • maybe the grocery store- but that might wait until ds3 comes home
  • maybe an airport run to get dh and ds3 (unless he wins later)
  • read
  • make some lists and get thinking about a couple of big projects
  • dd2 has practice
  • dinner- either for two or for all

Have a great day!

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Today is my last chance to get caught up on my work.  All of my clients are with governments, banks, and nonprofits so they are off today.

I slept in until about 11:30.

My kids are home, but they still have a buttload of homework to do.  I'm about to go confiscate phones so they don't have the distraction.

One kid has cheer practice this afternoon.  She is going to skip gymnastics since she has so much homework / test study.

That's about it - other than the usual reading, exercise, laundry,,,,,

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human care done

pet care done - though Libby's having a hard time today.  I always carry her up the lower flight of stairs to the landing (we're split level) and she goes out to potty by herself.  Then she slowly goes up the second flight of stairs herself, maybe with a rest halfway through.  But today she got halfway up the second flight, collapsed and slid down on her side.  I carried her up that flight as well.  She just collapsed again by the water bowl but I see that she's managed to get up and hop away.  She doesn't appear to be in any distress. 

medical care done - a bit more than usual since I have a virus going on. 

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Good afternoon!  Forgot to check in this AM.

Done:  home inspection (our realtor was here and didn't report anything so hopefully that is good news), hair appointment, DS14 starting school work, finish application for DS14 for school next year.

To Do:  call ped for vaccine record for DS14, pick up the dog from doggy daycare, make sure DS14 finishes school, try not to freak out about every last thing, eat leftovers for dinner, finish reading my book to stay on track for reading challenge

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My day so far:

  • did a couple loads of laundry
  • shoveled a few hundred pounds of frozen manure (boy am I missing my chore buddy, ds20 - but on the bright side, I'll probably lose a few pounds now that I'm back to doing most of the chores myself)
  • let my horses out into the big pasture to run around in the snow
  • dug the hose out from under the snow and ice and brought it in to thaw out
  • cleaned the kitchen
  • cleaned the fridge out and threw away some leftovers and takeout containers that were shoved way in the back, courtesy of my kids
  • watered my plants
  • read a legal agreement that dh wanted me to check over
  • ordered a new water tank heater, a mat to go under one of the litterboxes, and little felt pads to put on furniture to protect the floors


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We got wrapped up in history reading and forgot about swimming. 

Ds is out playing with neighbor kids.

Dd is slooooow today, slogging through work that should have been done an hour ago. 

Morning list done except the library. Duh, me! Holiday = library is closed.

Ordered dog food, ran the dishwasher, and folded some laundry.

Next up: mop the kitchen and make a new timeline. We had several boys playing here one day and the previous timeline died a violent, accidental death.

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I have done some laundry, went to the hair appointment, got a package ready for ds2, and cleaned out the refrigerator.

Dh and ds3 are stuck in Utah with a blizzard, closed roads, and power outages. They are flying back tomorrow.

dd2 and I are going to go out to dinner after her practice tonight. I have a hard time cooking for only two- probably will only eat sandwiches when all the kids are gone.


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Got some work done finally, like 3% of what I needed to do ....

Got stuck in the driveway trying to back out.  Because there was ice under the snow, I was not able to straighten back out and try again.  Had to shovel a lot of snow, which I would not mind except that it made us a half hour late.  Bought a new shovel and some melty sand on the way home.

Recently found out the kids don't have school tomorrow.  So yay for not having to worry about their work and the laundry tonight.  They still need to do the work, but at least they don't have to stay up half the night to do it.  (Tomorrow we will probably be in the same situation again kuz my kids won't use their gifted 24 hours wisely.)

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Didn't do laundry.  Dh is doing his today.  But we did go to see the Sandhill Cranes (the Whooping Cranes were not in the place we were) at Wheeler National Refuge (volunteers have opened the site up and are manning the visitor's center and the observation booth)>    Also had to get dinner for daughter who is with her husband who was in the ER and has now been admitted.  Then we went to get her dogs.  Fed dogs.  Will eat dinner and then go and walk each dog separately. 

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Dd is doing her last bit of schoolwork for today. 
Guys are at Cub Scouts.

Dinner is cleaned up and I'm about to wrap up anything that resembles work.
Still trying to get rid of a crick in my neck. Hot shower, then heating pad.

eta: Sitting in the family room with dd while she does art.  Enjoying my lazy boy, a big, ugly chair, but so comfy!  Ordered two books.

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