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Singapore Math (5 grade) question


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DD is finishing up Singapore Math Primary Mathematics 5A (Standards edition)  Textbook + Workbook. Occasionally we supplement with Intensive Practice.  Textbook+Workbook alone are too easy for DD, and we do not have time to work out all the problems in Intensive Practice on a regular basis.  I am wondering if in the future we could replace the workbook with Intensive Practice; i.e., work through Textbook+Intensive Practice in entirety, and use the workbook only as a supplement for chapter reviews.  Any opinions or advice? Many thanks in advance.

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We only use Intensive Practice and Textbook. I’ve done it that way for three kids all the way through and it’s been fine. 

I have three kids. One is likely to be a math major in college and loves math. One used to hate math, but mostly because he doesn’t like school and math is school. One likes math ok and is good at it but it’s more that she likes school and math is school. 🙂

For all three the approach of using just the IP book has been good. My oldest needed and thrived on more challenge. He and I would go through a section of the TB and then he’d do the IP problems without doing any of the practice problems in the TB or WB. That worked great. He is a kid now who loves AOPS and the self-teaching, discovery aspect of it. He also reads math books for fun in his spare time. My middle son hated math for a long time and struggled. I finally realized half of the struggle was that he found it boring and dull and was just not willing to do something boring. We had been using the WB some with him and supplementing with IP problems. Then I realized he would miss a ton of the more rote kind of practice problems but get all the harder word problems right. So we started just using the IP book. For him, I went through the TB and would assign practice problems and review problems from the TB to him sprinkled in with the harder more interesting IP problems. He needed a little more practice and review than oldest so we went slower. He also needed more direct teaching than my other kids and more of the review, so I added that in as necessary. My daughter is more similar to my oldest but more of the get it done mindset with Math. I assign her some problems from the IP book and then all the word problems/challenging problems. 

All that to say, yes, you can do it that way and it works fine. It might not work for a kid who is really struggling and needs more review, but that doesn’t sound like the case for your daughter. 


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