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Who’s going to tackle Sunday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Good morning!  Jean, I just saw your post on Saturday's thread - I hope that you are feeling better today.

Breezy and chilly (for FL) today.  Tomorrow our buyer comes for the home inspection, so today will be about straightening up for that, and then spending some time just relaxing. 

-put pulled pork into crockpot
-make spreadsheet of sign up dates for various classes DS14 might take next year (ugh, why is this so hard?)
-figure out local co-op situation in SC (found one with amazing secular honors academics and AP classes, have no problem with Statement of Faith, but need a pastor recommendation and we are not church members and are more casual church goers - ugh, why does this have to be so hard??)
-laundry DONE:  0
-cook the Egg Roll in a Bowl I was supposed to cook for the last 2 days (ground meat sitting in fridge and has to be used today)
-clean up kitchen
-straighten up house
-call Dad and ask if there are any things I should do before home inspector gets here tomorrow
-need to read last 100 pages of my book
-watch football

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Sorry you are not feeling well Jean


  • Take two loads to storage from packing yesterday (including some furniture, so it may be 3 loads, not sure)- but not furniture yet
  • Straighten up one garage, wipe down storage areas-can't be done until tomorrow.....
  • Clean up kitchen, maybe pack some more of the kitchen up......still not sure-cleaned, no packing
  • meeting with cleaner/organizer for a walk through of what she can do and how long it will take (make a list) - 
  • church this am  


Ended up also:

  • Two back rooms completely packed, organized, and ready for the cleaner
  • New toilet put in
  • Office completely cleaned out, all furniture out, walls wiped, ready for the painter tomorrow
  • Cleaned up master bedroom more
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Good morning!

Jean, I hope you're feeling much better!

It's below zero here this morning and I was grateful for the fleece leggings under my jeans. Our big stock tank froze up overnight - not sure if the problem is with the heater or the GFI outlet, so I will have to investigate that today. The horses have an automatic waterer, too, so it's not like they were in danger of having no water, but it's annoying because I had to bust the ice out with a sledgehammer, get wet in the process (cuz I'm a klutz), and then have my clothes freeze solid. 

Today is the last day of my boys' break before they head back up to school tomorrow morning, so I am going to enjoy every last minute of having them home!

  • make a menu plan for this week
  • probably should run to the grocery store
  • plan my week & update calendar
  • laundry - make sure boys have clean clothes to take back to school
  • wash the dog bed covers that got barfed on last night
  • replace tank heater if necessary
  • read, relax
  • dinner: ?? I was thinking pancakes, but not sure yet.
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Morning, all!  Jean, hope you start feeling better!


To do:

coffee, morning workout


Costco, Target trip

watch football

read for 52 week challenge

grade and lesson plan

Try to catch a glimpse of the frogs that have been coming out at sunset

not sure for dinner

Have a great day!

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Well all outside activities were cancelled today (church, confirmation class, cheer practice) due to the snow, so we are hunkered down and working.  The kids have a buttload of homework and I have two buttloads of "work" work as well as personal stuff to do.

  • Got up for church.
  • Received and sent texts re no church.
  • Went back to bed until 1:something.
  • Ate brunch, did some cleaning.
  • Gave the kids their list of work to do.
  • Theoretically working.

To do:

  • Work work work.
  • Reading.
  • Yoga etc.
  • Laundry.
  • Keep after the kids to finish their work.
  • Bills.
  • Calendar.
  • Some random house cleaning.
  • Finish migration to new computer.
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Oh wow, Margaret! So glad your dd and animals are safe!

The kids and I had a fun afternoon. We got groceries and a few things that the boys need to take up to school, went out for coffee, and got some Culver's fries. Now we're headed out into the cold to do horse chores (-10 here tonight, too), and then I'm making pancakes for dinner.

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