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Who's going to tackle Friday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Good morning!  It's Friday!!

-get DS14 up and situated for school (he turned in two midterm papers and only has his easiest one left)
-work as teacher's assistant today
-Publix for a few things - NOPE
-come up with some sort of master calendar of when enrollment starts for various online classes for DS14 next year (naturally this will all be right in the middle of when we are moving)
-figure out where DS14's AP exam is being offered in Greenville, SC (it is offered at DS17's old school in FL so if need be I guess we could come back here to take it but UGH)
-put feet up and relax
-make dinner (Egg Roll in a Bowl) - NOPE, neighbor invited DS14 and I over for dinner
-read and relax some more

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-Figure out if dd has class today
-Clean off snow from cars
-Tidy boys' room and kids bathroom
-Figure out how to write profit and loss forecasts
-Storm prep for the weekend!!! (Also check hotel points, because it's going to get COLD after the big snow/ice and a hotel sounds a lot better than fussing with a fireplace and generator!)

Actual to-do list is like 2 pages long but I don't care.

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Work- all day- SO NOT IN THE MOOD!

Guests will have arrived when I get home, so I am not sure I will get much done other than dinner.

My son is going out with his girlfriend and a group tonight, so I assume I will need to give him a ride home.  May hit Target and get some things for staging while I am out.

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Good morning!

Started off my day by waking up at 4:00 and lying in bed for an hour with my mind running a million miles an hour. Sigh. 

Not much planned for today. We're supposed to get walloped by a snowstorm later on, so I'm just going to stay home and hunker down.🙂

  • school w/dd
  • office work 
  • catch up on laundry
  • farrier is coming over at 1:00 to trim horses' feet (although we may need to move it earlier or reschedule for a different day because of the weather)
  • clean and medicate horses' wound
  • put down extra bedding in stalls
  • make salad, cut up vegetables
  • empty garbage cans throughout house
  • dinner: ??
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Good morning!

Busy day here until the evening. My list is probably too short, but I'll add whatever I forgot later. 
Planning for next year (9th grade for Dd) keeps running through my mind and I am beginning to feel some confidence in making certain choices.

  • School with Dd. Help her keep on track and use time well. Deadlines/math test today. Lots to do before she leaves for the weekend. 
  • Ds to tutorial, swimming , and my mom's  
  • Buy a gift
  • Dd to church for youth retreat - remember she needs to eat dinner first! Also, she needs some cash.   
  • Budget/bills
  • Look for history books, check lists and the boards
  • Figure out dinner and shop for it. No time for shopping, just going to make what I have, even though it's not too interesting.
  • Check in with a couple of friends about coffee/lunch for next week?




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Both kids home "sick" today.  Actually they are not "that sick," but I didn't allow eldest to do her homework / test study last night due to illness, so going to school today would just be a punishment.  (Other kid has been complaining about feeling sick for days, no serious symptoms, but she will catch up at school easily so I did not force the issue.)

No cheer tonight either.  Not sure yet about tomorrow.

So now we effectively have a 4 day weekend for the kids to get caught up.  I hope we use it well.  And, I hope that whatever my kids have has already gone through me so I don't get sick again.  I've just mostly gotten over whatever struck me down during my vacation.

Myself, I went back to bed and slept until 11am, at which point I remembered I had promised 3 reports "this morning," which did not go out in the morning.  Ugh!  But hopefully this will help me get off that jetlag mess.  I have a backache, but hopefully that will go away once I am up for a while.

So ... the kids made their own breakfast and are now feeding the critters and entertaining themselves.  And I am theoretically working on that project that was supposed to be done this morning.

To do:

  • Lots of work.
  • Bills.
  • Calendar.
  • Figure out some plan for dinner with sick people.  (Usually we go out on Fridays.)
  • Yoga and such.
  • Whatever else gets done.
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Finally got home from school and having to take care of an open permit issue with the town for roof work we had done last year.  UGH.  Traffic was such a disaster it took me 45 minutes to go 5 miles.  Going to our friends' house for dinner tonight so I am just sitting here with my feet up and relaxing (wore new shoes while teaching today - very, very bad idea....)

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Boy finished swimming, and is now at mymom's for the night. I love that kid, but he is SO much work, all the time!

Making dinner now.

Next up: 

check Algebra

shower and dress a bit nicer

ordered something for Dd 

Dd to church.  

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