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Does anyone have any experience with Audiblox? It is now called Edublox and mostly a computer program now. I was just reading about it and they had a case study of a girl named Maddie who had very similar testing scores as my daughter. Any one else use it?


Gretchen in No. CA

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I used Audiblox with my son when he was 8yo and (theoretically) in the third grade (this would have been in 2005).  I used it because I was hoping it would help with reading fluency.  He has dyslexia (though I didn't know it at the time) and was sounding out every single word, and had been since he learned to sound out words at age 5.  I believe we started Audiblox in late January.  He started OT and VT at the very end of April.  He stopped sounding everything out by the second week in May, and by the end of May he had read several of the Boxcar Children books for pleasure.

Since he had only been to OT and VT a few times before the change occurred, I don't think they were its cause.  I think that doing Audiblox every single day, where he had to focus on directionality (such as remembering a sequence of blocks from left to right) and reading whole words rapidly (the flash cards) was probably the most helpful thing.  Well, that and time.  The problem with these interventions is that you never know how much is due to them and how much is due to the kid maturing out of whatever it is.

I'm sorry to hear that they've gone over to a computer delivery model, though I suppose it was inevitable.  I think that the social aspect of Audiblox was important, not because my son and I were having major conversations during our sessions--we couldn't because we were working so hard--but because doing it with another human made him feel like we were in it together.  That said, I suspect that it would be far easier to implement the computer version as there is a learning curve and doing the sessions day after day with your child can be difficult.

Anyway, Audiblox was the most fringe-y thing I ever did for my son's dyslexia, and, remarkably, I honestly believe it was the most effective.  If it is of interest, his WISC IV scores at age 7 were in the middle of average across the board except for processing speed which was well below average.  He was also diagnosed with vision issues requiring VT, sensory processing disorder, an auditory processing disorder, and later on, dyslexia and ADHD (I am not convinced that he actually has/had ADHD though).  He is also gifted.

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