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I was feeling like a genius lol

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This is our first week back and it's been a hit or miss week.  DH called in one day, I was struggling to wake up on time, or the kids were.  And, approaching the end of the week, we are looking at half a foot of snow tomorrow, plus, well, being female stinks.


All of which adds up to a Friday that had me just like "OMG, I have to FEED you all and TEACH you all, and DRESS you all....AGAIN?!?!?! Why and how did I get signed back up for another round of this crap?!?!?"

Yeah.  We managed some math, phonics, spelling and there was more I wanted to do but I was done.  And the kids were done.  And we are staring down the barrel  of at least 2 days inside most likely because we don't have snow gloves/boots/clothes.


Lunch time rolls around, guess what, it's Friday, and most of our lunch foods are gone.  All the bread, nuggets, cheese, bananas, etc etc etc.  



And that's when my brain kicks in.  They have been asking to play at Chick Fil A forever.  Guess what....lunch at Chick Fil A.  But we are NOT going to waste this either.  I bring our box of flash cards and while they eat lunch, we go round the table working on basic facts.  DS6 is LOVING it, the whole idea that he doesn't have to draw it and count...that was really cool for him.   DD8 really just wanted to play but I had set a specific number of cards before play time and she REALLY wanted to finish.  DD10 just thought it was fun and when we left, I said " how was that for school?" And she was like " WAIT.....that was SCHOOOOL?!?!?!?!"  Like I had created some elaborate deception lol.  Um, hello kid, you carried the box of flash cards in the building yourself lol.  


SO, we got out of the house, I solved the "WTF do I feed these kids for lunch" AND...we still did some schoolwork that I often feel like I otherwise don't have time for.  Yep, I am a genius!



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