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Why is elementary science such a struggle??? *sigh*

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I struggle because we are registered with a public homeschool and are required to submit progress reports with work samples.  We keep a library basket too, and my kids love to read science books, but it can't suffice for our science curriculum. I am trying NOEO chemistry this year, which I was so excited to use.  I had been very happy with Bookshark K, 1, & 2 science but level 3 was too advanced for my younger child.  NOEO appeared to be similar to Bookshark (Sonlight) but less reading so shorter and easier.  It is less overall reading, but is mostly less interesting reading.  I find it really boring, and feel it includes some pretty advanced texts for early elementary curriculum (I have a 1st and 4th grader).  It also has no worksheets.  It's all DIY notebooking, and I don't like that.  I much prefer having the worksheets available with some varied projects, instead of just having to copy definitions or draw a picture and label it. I already purchased NOEO physics too.  I was thinking we would get them both done in 1-1.5 years, but we are only at about week 15 right now.  Got behind because I'm never excited to read this boring science book so it is consistently the last subject of the day.  I have to stop reading and provide a lot of additional explanations and end up hoarse.  Next year, I think I will try Mystery Science (had strongly considered it this year), and if I don't like it, I will go back to Bookshark because I love their reading selections with the awesome Usborne books and many others they include.  They have great questions about the reading, and worksheets with a  couple little projects/ questions for each day, and a weekly experiment.  Oh, NOEO is supposed to have a weekly experiment, but several weeks in a row they had none. The experiments are not too exciting.  Yesterday, we were adding sugar to water until solution became saturated and sugar would not dissolve.  Took an hour, and my kids got pretty tired of it.  Somehow, they still always want to do science... probably because they are still expecting something like Bookshark.

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