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Mind block with standardized tests... seeking out advice.

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Hi I am a graduate student in cardiology (Aka a Cardiology fellow) who has recently failed the national board examination.

I did my due diligence, by attending a review course, going through all the exam objectives, and doing all available public online standardized test questions.

I've been successful on all my prior boards, because I was given access to thousands and thousands of questions and was able to get into the mind of the test writer. What actually is happening when I see a test question, is:

- I don't know what the test writer is getting at

- and all the answer choices look so similar, or you would choose all the same things in real life.

All the available test questions now are not written on the same "intellectual caliber" as the real board exam questions - so when I was in the board exam itself, it was something like a horrible mental struggle because I had no idea what a lot of the questions were getting at. In real life, people tell me I am quite a proficient fellow physician, and am able to use medical knowledge rather proficiently. I just struggle with the writing style of the test.

Anybody available that can teach me how to work through this mind block?

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What you have to do is change the way you study.  Identify similarities/differences/relationships/nuances as you study, don't wait until you get to the test question.  

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