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Spanish or French curriculum for K-2

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Can someone recommend a good Spanish curriculum for me to teach if I have no Spanish experience? So I need great CD/DVDs. I am drawn to Spanish because it is the foreign language my kids will most likely encounter in the US and because it should be easy to find other families to practice with and Spanish activities. 

Alternatively, we could do French as I took it in high school so at least I know a little. We also have my Dad and brother as resources. My Dad's first language as a child was French and my brother is fluent. He was adopted from Africa as a teen 3 years ago, I'm not sure if the African version of French is a little different.

Thoughts on which to choose? My heart says French, my deceased grandmother would be so happy and practicing with uncle or Papa would be special, but my head says Spanish.

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In your situation I'd advise French, and I swear by a Functional Language approach, teach kids the phrases that THEY use, and words that logically go with those phrases first.

Since I teach with functional language I always go with the language that can be used in home or with dear family/friends first. "Practicality" is governed by the actual relationships in the kids lives. Realize that it's not an either-or situation, but a "which first?" and since mom has studied it and there is a fluent grandfather and uncle in the kids lives, then there is no way that I'd go with my head in this situation--follow your heart all the way.

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