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Weighted compression vest

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We're visiting out-of-town family for Christmas and it turns out that they have an autism/sensory community store here, so we went and checked it out yesterday. One of my kids with high anxiety/emotional/sensory issues (ironically, not my asd kiddo) tried on a weighted compression vest, and very visibly relaxed, and just kept telling me over and over again that it felt like a really calming, tight hug and it just felt so good. She already has a weighted blanket that has helped her sleep and I know she uses weights around her shoulders during OT and vision therapy because the therapists say she is way calmer and more focused with a weight on, but I'm wondering how one would use a vest like this, if we were to invest in one? On the one hand, it's a bit pricey to buy just because it "feels nice," and yet I don't want to underestimate that "feels nice" might be all she can articulate, even if there's something more going on. She's very fashion-forward, so I doubt that she'd actually wear it out in public. Do people use them only for certain activities? Only when the kid gets worked up? Whenever the kid wants to?  I guess I just don't know much about these vests, and all I've ever heard about are weight blankets, so I'm looking for any information/pros/cons/etc. 

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