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Anyone familiar with Brainpop.com?

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but my children LOVE it. That is a big understatement too. Every day they go to brainpop and brainpopjr. My eldest (who will be 8 in 2 days :eek:) could spend all day on it if I let him. He can watch the videos dozens of times (the same one!) and still want to watch it again the next day.

My younger children enjoy it too, but my eldest really absorbs everything he is learning. Whenever we discuss something in history, he checks Brainpop to see if they have a video on the subject. If it is a holiday such as Martin Luther King Jr. Day, he goes on Brainpop to learn more about it. He will sometimes ask to go to wikipedia to learn more about subjects from Brainpop (most often about historical figures)


It is basically their homepage on the browser. I will definately be renewing our subscription when it expires soon.


Try the trial period. Browse the subjects and watch a few videos. You will want to check some of the more sensitive subjects such as reproduction to see if you feel it is appropriate for your children. Everything is done in a very factual way and they only lightly touch certain subjects before backing off to expand on another avenue of the subject. (i hope that makes sense). I find that the information is presented in a very good way for my children. However, every parent is different in their views (I always give this little warning when I discuss brainpop as some parents may not want their children learning about reproduction or something from a cutie video on the computer).


My son even wants to go to one of the conferences so that he can "meet Brainpop". :D

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