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dirty ethel rackham

A small thing that made me happy.

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I gotta share these when I can.  25 years ago, I had this large, custom roll-top computer desk made for us.  It was a well-loved, beautiful piece of furniture that was in beautiful condition.  But, it no longer met our needs, so I listed it for sale on a couple of local Facebook groups as well as some yard sale sites.  That was 6 months ago.  It sat in our garage all this time.   I've had several nibbles, but people often flaked on me.  One even had me leave dh's hospital bed after his heart attack to meet him and he never showed.  Today, I had two people interested!  And 15 minutes ago, I helped this couple load it onto their truck!  Not only did they pay me what I asked, but they seem thrilled with it.  And I will have room in my garage to park one car soon.  

Just my little happy moment for the day.  

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I love it when I feel like things are going to a good home!!

When we moved into our current house, there was a gazebo frame set up. We knew we’d never use it, because the previous owners spent all their time taking it down every time the wind blew. I posted it for free to anyone who would come and take it down. I’ve been in the position of wishing for something like that and not having money to spare... it made that woman’s day.

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